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Stichtite with Serpentine Sterling Silver Ring - 138

Adjustable Sterling Silver teardrop Stichtite with Serpentine ring. Crystal meaning card included in order.
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This type of material is also called atlantisite.

You will receive the exact ring shown in the photo.

Approximate dimensions: .75" x 1.2"

STICHTITE KEYWORDS: Love, Forgiveness, Compassion

SERPENTINE KEYWORDS: Nature, Wisdom, Energetic Flow

STICHTITE ENERGY: Vibrating to the frequency of love, forgiveness, and spiritual illumination, Stichtite provides a connection from your heart to crown chakra. Stimulating to the mind and soothing to the physical body, Stichtite reminds us of the spiritual support always around us.

SERPENTINE ENERGY: Mother Earth’s ancestral healing lives within Serpentine. This green stone carries our planet’s wisdom and transformation in its form. Known as the healer’s stone, connecting to Serpentine allows you to accept change and heal from the past. Much like nature, you will transform and understand each transition as a path to growth. This stone is a fantastic companion for those who wish to raise their consciousness to aid in the world’s energetic shifts. It can also move energy through all seven chakras. This effect makes space for you to let in more love, understanding, and compassion for your healing journey.