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Blue Opal and Peach Moonstone Hoop Earrings

Crafted from 18K gold plated brass, these dainty hoops feature enchanting blue opal and flashy peach moonstone.
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You will receive one pair of earrings, plus Blue Opal and Peach Moonstone meaning cards.

Approximate dimensions: 25mm hoop

BLUE OPAL ENERGY: Owyhee Blue Opal is a sweet sky blue color that harnesses the calming energy of water. This stone can help you connect to your angel guides and intuition. It is a great companion during trying times to release fear and helplessness. Blue Opal can aid in balancing emotions, achieving your goals, boosting your confidence and articulation.

PEACH MOONSTONE ENERGY: Peach Moonstone carries a gentle and loving energy that assists with understanding our emotions and path ahead. Peach Moonstone is heavily connected to the Divine Feminine and encourages receptivity and vulnerability. It alleviates anxieties and teaches acceptance and patience.