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Lavender Cleansing Bundle

Lavender cleansing bundles are great for calming hectic spaces and putting your mind and body at ease.
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The beautiful sister of protective Rosemary, Lavender airs out the old and puts your mind and body at ease. This wonderful sage alternative cleanser has a strong, fragrant smoke with notes of natural lavender oil. Excellent for meditation, restful energy, and calming hectic spaces.

Lavender- peace, rest of mind and body, desire, cleanliness

**please note that lavender does shed, however it will not affect its use**

To use: Hold stick to flame until lit, blow out, let smolder. Allow smoke to rise through the air. Reignite as needed. As always take caution when burning, use a fire safe bowl and snuff out in sand, if needed. 

These cleansing bundles are handmade by Steadfast Flowers; a small business located in North Carolina. They specialize in white sage alternative smoke cleansers for sacred and every day use. Their business focuses on supporting local farmers in their community, biodegradable packaging and ethical cleansing practices.