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Truth Mala

The Truth Mala has been thoughtfully designed with sandalwood, sodalite, amazonite, turquoise, aquamarine and quartz crystal to activate and balance your throat chakra so that you may embody more of your divine truth and share it effortlessly.
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Approximately 30" in length.

Malas are a sacred tool in your spiritual toolbox for how they deepen your meditation practice and raise your vibration to support co-creation. With a dedicated practice, they accumulate your spiritual energy and create a potent field for your desires to come into form.

This mala was made in a beautiful collaboration, designed by Sarah Belle and handmade by artisans in Rishikesh, India. The malas are made in a traditional hand-knotted style with handmade tassels. They are blessed in the devotional energy of a sacred temple before making their way to our studio. The loving energy that went into these creations is palpable and intentionally designed this way to support your spiritual journey. 

This mala is made with:

  • Sandalwood which is a sacred tree that is thought to activate the third eye, deepen your spiritual awareness and connect you to your I AM nature.
  • Sodalite for connect your truth through your wisdom and grounding it into the physical through your voice with clear communication.
  • Amazonite for relaxing into your heart wisdom and sharing from that place.
  • Turquoise which is a stone of hope, protection and tranquility.
  • Aquamarine which supports clear communication and encapsulating your truth in grace, finding a way to flow in all situations.
  • Quartz crystal guru bead which supports clearing negativity, amplifying the energy of all other stones and is the perfect stone for storing your intentions.

Highlights of this mala:

  • Made with the class 108 beads to keep count of your mantas during meditation.
  • Hand-knotted to make it easy for the beads to move through your hand during meditation.
  • Beads are 6mm making the length of the mala perfect for wearing as a long necklace to keep its energy close.
  • Made with sacred sandalwood and high vibrational crystals to support your spiritual journey.