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Mushroom Spirit Oracle Deck

Incudes 36 cards and a guidebook. Consisting of 36 beautifully illustrated mushrooms from around the world, the Mushroom Spirit Oracle is not only an informative deck on multiple species and their uses, but can be used as a tool to look inwards from spiritual growth. Great for anyone starting off their journey into mushrooms, or the avid fan. Mushrooms, like all things from nature, hold an innate wisdom to help us through challenging times. Nicola McIntosh brings together her love of mushrooms, nature and spirituality into the Mushroom Spirit Oracle. A whole new world awaits you...
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In the Mushroom Spirit Oracle, you will find 36 hand-drawn images of mushrooms from all over the world. Each mushroom has a message for you. The guidebook not only guides you with answers you may be seeking on a spiritual level, it also goes into the medicinal aspects of known mushrooms and how we can bring these incredible beings into our life to raise our vibration and physical health.