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Seven years ago I made a decision that would change my life forever. I declared to myself, my employer, friends and family that my health and happiness were more important than anything in this life. I resigned from my fashion design job and committed to one year of healing.

Rocks with Sass had been born a year prior, during a nasty Crohn's Disease flare. I found joy in creating unique crystal jewelry pieces. It kept my mind busy while my body could rest. I opened an online Etsy shop and items slowly started to sell. I found myself thinking… could I turn this into something that could actually support me?

Unfortunately, I had to hit rock bottom before I was willing to take a leap of faith. I was depressed, stressed and down to 80 pounds. I knew it was time for a change. Once I fully stepped into the decision to prioritize my health and happiness above all –there was no turning back. I threw myself into what I loved: Rocks with Sass. I checked out business books from the library and started dreaming of the business I thought this could be: a small scale operation that I could run out of my apartment. No employees. No storefront. Just a small jewelry business that would pay the bills and bring my happiness back.

As big as that dream felt at the time… I really had no idea what the Universe had planned for me. Nine years later, Rocks with Sass has grown to a team of six. We sell anything and everything crystal themed: specimens, jewelry, self-care, candles, card decks, books and more. We ship thousands of orders a year from our storefront in Westerville, OH. The space is pure magic. Sunlight streams through the windows while rainbows cover the shelves and walls.

Our Team