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Orange Calcite

Creativity - Energy - Achieving Goals


I am energetic and ready to conquer the day.


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Orange Calcite moves through you like a droplet of sunlight. A solar plexus and sacral stone, Orange Calcite revitalizes and energizes the body. It is one of the few stones in the mineral world that help circulation of energies. So not only does it channel to two chakras, it can help generate movement into the other five as well. This citrus-colored stone unites the heart and sacral for sexual empowerment. It’s sacral healing allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin, love your uniqueness, and reconnect in intimate relationships. It can also foster inspiration, creativity, and the pursuit of purpose through the solar plexus. This is a stone to meditate with when you are feeling stuck, unmotivated, or depressed. As a stone for creativity, Orange Calcite helps in balancing our emotions encouraging playfulness and fun.

One of the most important stones to protect against negative energies. Life is lived more intensely under the influence of this adventurous stone. Encourages risk taking and change. It shows whats blocking your spiritual growth and enhances ones willpower.


Find a home for Orange Calcite in places where passion needs revived. Bedside, this ignited stone can bring physical connection back into your relationship. Its joyous energy can fill the room with a playful aura, allowing you and your partner to have fun. You may want to move the stone to a different location for sleep as it’s high energy may keep you up. In a creative space, Orange Calcite acts as a beacon of inspiration. It allows you to stay open minded and have fun while working. When we stay light in our work, we can call in new ideas and different ways of problem solving.


Option 1: If you’re feeling lethargic or uncertain about what to do next, meditate on Orange Calcite asking for its guidance and wisdom. Allow your mind to flow with ideas of tasks which need to be accomplished, creative projects that wish to be birthed, self-care practices needing to be implemented. Allow the energy of the Orange Calcite to help ignite your intuition to the most urgent need. Remember, resting is also a necessity so don’t be surprised if Orange Calcite urges you to rest in order to increase vital energy.

Option 2:Resetting a space’s intentions with Orange Calcite helps open it up to new energies. In the space you'd like to use this stone, open any windows or turn on ceiling fans. Keep the shades open to let in sunlight. All of this natural energy facilitates Orange Calcite’s circulation powers. Hold Orange Calcite in hand and walk around the room. Wave it wherever your hand feels called to move. Then, move around the room in different patterns; dancing, jumping, crawling. This movement ritual dispels the stagnant energies that have settled into the atmosphere. Orange Calcite will aid in the circulation of this room to give it new potential. After this, any space can feel renewed and ready to be a host to creative possibilities.


Calcite minerals come in many colors. Orange Calcite’s citrus hue comes from Hematite inclusions. Hematite is a dark red to almost black oxide mineral. When sunlight hits these microscopic particles, Orange Calcite reflects that amber-orange glow. The Hematite inclusions are also the metaphysical amplifier for Orange Calcite’s circulation power and sexual balance. Hematite enhances energetic flow through the body and balances duality of feminine and masculine.