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Healing Trauma - Inner Child - Divine Love


I am safe to explore the realms of my deepest wounds and to connect with the truth of who I am by connecting to my unique gifts.


Chemical Formula





Rhodochrosite is a warm embrace, a subtle breeze, a loving home. Harnessing the energy of pure joy and love, Rhodochrosite will show you life is full of potential, meaning, and beauty. The heart and solar plexus chakra are centers that bring us joy, excitement, and happiness. Rhodochrosite is a love and positivity stone, opening both of these centers. In effect, you can infuse passion and inspiration in anything you experience. Any heart healing that has to do with emotional trauma will show you the lessons in your pain. It works by bringing deep wounding from early childhood or past lives to the surface to be healed. By bringing these wounds to the surface, one is able to reconnect to the gifts they brought with them into this life, reclaiming the truth of who they are.

This rosy stone fosters the ability to see the beauty and love that surrounds you, making life like a dream. Rhodochrosite is your reminder to see difficult situations in a positive light. 


Self love begins with turning inward. For true healing, we must first be aware of how we feel. Rhodochrosite serves as a beacon of hope when we feel overwhelmed by our emotions. To promote healthy self care practice, set this lovely stone on a vanity, bathroom shelf or counter, or bedside. Its pink glow will soften your need to keep looking forward before healing takes place. It is best in areas where you spend time on yourself. When you see Rhodochrosite, remember to take a breath and focus on your thoughts and feelings. It is great practice to be aware of the self so that you can dictate your life more intentionally.


Rhodochrosite’s soft, heart-centered energy can be felt in close contact rituals. We recommend you find a comfortable, safe space to meditate. Lie down or sit with Rhodochrosite close to your heart. Envision its red, white and pink bands winding around your heart and sealing the open gaps of pain. Imagine a sunrise above a horizon far off and picture your heart there. Know that with Rhodochrosite, you will transcend trauma when you face your suffering with love, compassion, and understanding. 

Crystal Pairings

As a pair, Rose Quartz and Rhodochrosite focus on relationship healing. By activating the heart chakra, both stones breed empathy toward the self and others. If you deal with people who need an understanding view, using this pairing can enhance your empathy. It is best recommended for healthcare workers, social workers, and psychologists.