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Green Opal

Change - Relationships - Abundance


I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.


Chemical Formula





Like a tree after winter, Green Opal symbolizes your blooming after a dark period. Channeling healing through the heart chakra, this mossy green stone restores strength through emotion. In light of broken relationships or conflict, Green Opal turns you back to you. Your independence and steadfast ability to grieve and move forward are rejuvenated with Green Opal. In this healing energy, you can embrace change and still keep an open heart. 

Green Opal encourages strength as you rebuild. Its energy is one of rejuvenation. It opens the Heart to giving and receiving love, the connective energy of all that is. This will help in releasing emotions that have been stagnant; an antidote to an overactive or anxious mind, allowing you to focus and become familiar with your spiritual center and perspective.


Green Opal works best when held close. Keep it in a sweater pocket or in your bag wherever you go. Its healing energy will soothe the ups and downs of your emotions throughout the day. This stone is great for those who struggle with separating their emotions from others, daydreaming, and feeling down. Green Opal repairs the heart’s strength, creating a healthy boundary between your feelings and the rest of the world. Use it as a reminder of your ability to stay strong when faced with conflict, disagreement, or anger.


The energy of Green Opal asks you to take time to establish your emotional independence. Meditation is a great practice to honor yourself and feelings with this green beauty. Sit in a place of your own, whether it be your bedroom or garden. This setting must be yours so that you already feel comfortable alone here. Hold Green Opal to your heart and breathe deeply. Imagine tree limbs wrapping around your heart. Let the leaves unfurl and shine green around you. Let any dead leaves fall away and be replaced with new ones. This is your heart rejuvenated with the strength to move forward from pain that no longer serves you.

Crystal Pairings

Strengthening the heart requires a cleansing of old pains and heartache. Green Opal’s energy naturally infuses with stones and crystals that cleanse the heart chakra. Black Tourmaline or Hematite will remove stagnant heartache that has long passed. Old loves, lost lives, and past disappointments will be cleansed with either one of these clearing crystals. Together, Green Opal and Tourmaline release grief and restore you with self-belief and resilience.