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Growth - Compassion - Nature


I see myself and others through the lens of the heart's compassion, and I grow in the paths that serve the good of all.


Chemical Formula





Chrysoprase is the green light for motivations of the heart. This sea-green stone channels energy into the heart and through the solar plexus chakra. Activating the heart, Chrysoprase realigns you with your true self hidden away. It also connects you to your compassionate side for yourself and others. Chrysoprase moves you to get inspired by love and take action from that state. The solar plexus will guide you to embrace other’s love languages, give time to help, and put effort into taking care of your wellbeing. In all, this stone aids in your ability to give, share, and attract love through your own heart. 

Chrysoprase carries the energy of growth, forgiveness, and connection with nature. As a heart healing crystal it helps one work through emotional imbalances and facilitates the release of fear-based emotions, beliefs, and actions. Helps one connect to the abundant energy and love of the Divine. 


A wonderful home for Chrysoprase is anywhere earthy. You can place it in planters or in sun filled rooms. Its connection with Mother Nature will amplify its cleansing properties for any space. With this earthy stone in any space, you will feel it honing peaceful comfort in the atmosphere. Chrysoprase activates the cozy joy of having a safe space to relax in. It is best in a space made for relaxation such as a bedroom, reading nook, or vanity where you prepare for the day.


Outdoor meditation is best to tap into Chrysoprase humble frequency. Find a space beside a tree or in a garden where you can sit and close your eyes. Hold Chrysoprase in hand or close to your heart. Focus on the sounds and feelings of nature around you. Connect to how you fit in perfectly to the surroundings without effort. Chrysoprase reminds you to accept and love yourself no matter what. Just like nature, embrace every season you go through. Your heart will guide you to take the right steps. 


Chrysoprase comes in a variety of patterns. Its common color is a sea green with spots of rocky golden brown. The trademark colors of Chrysoprase are made up of Chalcedony with small traces of nickel. Its name differentiates it from other Chalcedony crystals however; meaning “gold” and “green” in Greek.