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Alchemy - Joy - Self Healing


I firmly stand in the magnificence of my own power. I reflect benevolence and joy.


Chemical Formula





Sunstone is the rays of a golden sun after days of rain. It is the embodiment of joy, exuberance, and vitality. Through the sacral and solar plexus chakras, Sunstone shatters the stubbornness of your mind and empowers your physical nature. It stimulates creative and passionate energies promoting freedom and expansion. Sunstone encourages you to be exactly who you are and radiate your personal source of power.

Like opening a window into a dark room, this peachy stone sheds light on sulking spirits. Sunstone teaches us to say “No” without guilt, detaching ourselves from dependent relationships, and encouraging optimism and independence. Reflecting the nature of the Sun, this is a light and inspiring stone. Particularly useful for those dealing with depression or seasonal affective disorder. Its vibrant color serves as a reminder that magic exists to those who are open to see it. Find inspiration, joy, and the willingness to step out of your routine with Sunstone. 

Sunstone embodies yang energy, reflecting the highest embodiment of the male duality. This is an ally for strong leadership in the world. It reveals motivations that come from the ego rather than the greater good, while also encouraging honesty.


Winter is no match for Sunstone. This sparkling stone exudes pink sands, orange tulips, and summer vacation. Its empowering properties can make you feel like you’re always walking in the sun. Keep Sunstone on you during fall and winter seasons to give you a boost of energy. Even a stormy spring can brighten up when Sunstone is in your hand. In sum, Sunstone lets you take control of your mood. No weather can define your attitude. Sunstone is the symbol of being your own beacon of light and finding positivity in the dark. 


Giving your crystals intention can empower their unique properties. Sunstone is no different. Set Sunstone bedside or in a sunny spot in your home you see everyday. Just like the sun, Sunstone can act as a reason for why you wake up every morning. What person do you strive to be? What are you passionate about?Any statement about passion, potential, movement, or achievement can be set within Sunstone. Simply say your intention out loud every time you wake up to see Sunstone. Let it be the reminder of your purpose and personal meaning. 

Crystal Pairings

Paired with Moonstone, Sunstone infuses both the fire and water nature of sun and moon. When the moon and sun meet, you can feel aligned and connected to all of your thoughts, actions, and emotions. It is a complete unity between the conscious and subconscious, making it easier to express your ideas and needs out loud. It can also bring hidden talents and gifts to light for others to be inspired by.