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Friendship - Compassion - Abundance


My compassionate heart allows me to relate to others with peace, understanding, love and forgiveness.


Chemical Formula

n{SiO2} p{Na(AlSi3O8)} q{Ca(Al2Si2O8)} r{K2O}




Opening the heart chakra, Emerald encourages empathy, sensitivity, and hope. This glittery green gem stimulates loving energy to foster renewal in friendships and recovery. Emerald is a great stone for those who want to reconnect with long lost friends. It's uniting vibrations aid in heartfelt reminiscing and good conversation. You can truly engage with people you care about with Emerald. If you need help accepting a health situation, Emerald eases you into the recovery stage. Its ability to open the heart allows you to let go of the pain and focus on healing.


Emerald works well with close contact because of its gentle, healing nature. Keep it in your pocket or bag whenever you need to help a friend through a tough time. Emerald will guide you to say the right words to ease their heart ache. This earthy gem can also help you get through a difficult day whether it be rejection, arguments, or stress. Let the weight of Emerald in your pocket remind you to open your heart even when you feel vulnerable. Expressing your feelings can create stronger bonds with yourself and others.


As the heart opens, you release emotional baggage that holds you down. This baggage can keep you from experiencing pure love, joy, and empathy. To activate Emerald’s power to heal the heart, practice a scattering ritual. On a piece of paper, write down any painful memories or emotional stress that you have kept hidden. When you’re finished, burn the paper in a safe, non flammable container. Step outside after the ashes have cooled and scatter them to the wind. Emerald harnesses mother earth vibrations that take in negative energy and change it to positivity. In effect, letting go of your pain is making space for more love and joy.


Emerald is connected to earth’s ancient healing energy. No surprise, the oldest emerald mine dates back to 1330 B.C. in Egypt. This old favorite has been discovered in tombs of Egyptian royalty. It was believed to heal vision and help psychic seers peer into the future.