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Red Jasper

Vitality - Physical Strength -Protection


I honor my intuition. I accept my path. I am healing my body, mind and spirit.


Chemical Formula





The fire within is ignited with Red Jasper. Channeling energy through the sacral and root chakras, Red Jasper activates physical stamina, strength, and sexual empowerment. The activated root chakra grounds you in the present moment. This connects the overactive mind to the five senses. As a result, you can experience life more fully without analyzing it. An opened sacral helps you connect with expression through the body. Red Jasper’s maroon color ignites the fire within and aids in revitalizing physical energy as well. In all, this clay-red stone fosters a healthy connection to your body and how amazing it can be to use it.

An extremely stable stone that tends to stabilize ones own energies. Such stabilization can lead to good health, balanced emotions, truthful expression and just action. This work is done gradually over time with more permanent gains. Grounds energy and rectifies unjust situations.


Red Jasper infuses any space with a charged up, motivated aura. Keep it around when exercising to amplify activities or set it bedside to ease sexual expression. Kitchens or creative spaces benefit from a boost of creative energy when Red Jasper is nearby. To amplify Red Jasper in a room, open any windows. Air and fire ignite any activity by refreshing the space and filtering in new energetic frequency.


Red Jasper is a fire element stone connecting you to spiritual desire and physical vitality. Fire also clears out negative energy that weighs down motivation and creativity. To put Red Jasper into action, set it nearby for a fire ritual. Write a list of everything you want to release. Any ailments or emotional pain that has interrupted your creative flow can be written down. When finished, light the paper on fire in a nonflammable bowl or somewhere safe. Red Jasper will burn the negativity and channel renewed vitality in.


This blood-red stone has a rich history throughout the world. In Ancient Egypt, Red Jasper was symbolically connected to the goddess Isis for fertility. The Native Americans believed strains of Red Jasper were the blood of Mother Earth. Its lore and history lead to its energetic vibration to the sacral; source of vitality and physical expression. For this, Red Jasper is great for actors, athletes, and relationship coaches.