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Warmth - Healing - Vitality


I open myself to warmth and nurturing. I am strong and secure.


Chemical Formula





Amber is not a crystal nor a mineral, it's actually fossilized tree resin that's millions of years old. Much like herbs, this fossilized resin has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Its ancient symbolism is imbued in its healing ability to cleanse the body, mind, and spirit. Amber aids the body in drawing out disease and recovering from injuries. Healing is not just a physical process but spiritual as well. Amber inspires the soul to regain vitality and resilience. In effect, this golden sap will restore you in body and soul. 

Amber has a beautiful warmth to it that allows us to connect to the earth, our inner power, transmute negative/unusable energies, as well as manifest prosperity.


We recommend you wear Amber to absorb its sunny healing power. Its earthy energy will cleanse small, clouded, or blocked auras. Wear Amber as a necklace, bracelet, or charm to engage with its comforting, uplifting vibration everyday. This is a great piece for winter months when you need spiritual strength to weather seasonal illness. It can also work to raise positivity in replacement of the sun when days are shorter and darker.


To best connect with Amber, go outside for a meditation session. Any comfortable place near trees or on a bright, sunny day amplifies Amber’s power. Hold the golden resin in hand while you breathe. Let its golden light fill you up from head to toe. If you’re not feeling well or have an injury, breathe golden light into those parts. Imagine Amber pouring relief over your ailments. As a spiritual medicine, Amber will begin working to heal the auric pain that manifests as physical discomfort.


Amber is an ancient resin formed between 40 to 120 million years ago. Its long existence is sewn through ancient stories and histories as a medicinal tool to aid in warding off negative energy. Ancient Egypt, Greece, and China are just a few civilizations that used Amber as amulets, jewelry, and talismans to heal the wearer. Even evidence of its use was discovered in Neolithic remains dating back 12,000 years ago.