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Blue Calcite

Emotional Release - Tranquility - Calming


I release my negative thoughts, embracing positivity and optimism.


Chemical Formula





Known as the stone of comfort, Blue Calcite is all about recuperation, relaxation, and relief. This marbled blue stone connects the throat to the third eye chakra, fostering peaceful communication and thoughts. There is no time for mental flurries when it comes to Blue Calcite. Its calming effect slows your intellect so that you may enjoy the moment through feeling. Communicating with others can bring better understanding when the mouth and mind are aligned. Blue Calcite is a great stone when you need to reflect and recharge after a difficult situation or in uncertain circumstances.


Despite being as blue as an icy river, Blue Calcite channels the air element in its properties. Air is elusive in its nature and symbolizes the flexibility to change and rest. Keep Blue Calcite on you when moving, switching careers, or going through any big changes. Blue Calcite aids in your ability to stop pushing forward when you’ve done as much as you can. It can serve as a reminder to be easy when something doesn’t go how you expected. In hitting a wall, Blue Calcite beckons you to sit down and assess before judging an event as a setback. 


Blue Calcite works well in times of rest. When the world is spinning on its head, this dreamy stone lets you take your time and move when you feel it is time to continue on. The best times of year to carry Blue Calcite is during Mercury retrogrades and winter months. These are perfect seasons to reflect, relax, and reestablish intentions. Retrogrades are periods in which the planets seem to slow their rotations. This causes poor communication, technological disruptions, and slow progress. The same can be said for winter as we go inside and bear down for the cold. Take these seasons as signs to go within, rest, and reflect on your goals, intentions, and personal healing. Blue Calcite can aid in your recuperation journey.


Have you ever realized you were carrying energy that did not belong to you? It is natural to pick up conditioning from our environments but in order to be fully present in the world, it is imperative that we release energy that doesn't belong to us. Blue Calcite has the ability to absorb energy, filter it, and return it back positively to the sender.

Crystal Pairings

Give a boost to your communication skills with Aquamarine and Blue Calcite! As expression enhancers, both these stones channel energy through the throat chakra for easier communication. Keeping these two on hand can foster honesty, truth, and cooperative speech. Each of these can strengthen relationships to others and the soul.