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Angelic Communication - Serenity - Awareness


I am open, peaceful and connected to higher dimensions. I allow myself to receive guidance and love.


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A voice upon the wind or a reflection on the water, angels come through at any place and time. To better strengthen your relationship and connection to your spiritual guides, Angelite is here to help. Channeling energy through the throat and third eye up to the crown, this dreamy blue stone connects your senses beyond the physical plane. Symbols, signs, and messages will be easier to hear and see when using Angelite. Spiritual awareness of this kind can allow you to discover meaning in even the most mundane places. This energetic shift will bring joy, purposefulness, and passion into your life.


Angelite is best placed in quiet, cozy rooms. In your bedroom on a shelf or bedside table , Angelite eases stress before sleep. It also keeps away nightmares fueled by an overactive mind. Placing it under your pillow can aid in lucid dreaming for deeper soul exploration. Angelite’s blue color is psychologically known to calm the nerves and ease the mind.


The easiest way to call in your guardian angels and guides is dream journaling. Dreams can carry important messages from your soul to your mind. To create a channel between angels and your soul, get a bedside journal and pen to record what you remember. Before bed, meditate with Angelite by imagining a white light connecting your head to a higher power. This thread is strong and bright like a beacon calling in ships to shore. Place Angelite on your journal. The next morning, jot down any notes you recall about your dream. Pull out any unusual or fascinating symbols. This may be a sign from your angels. If you see it reflected during your day, do some research or specific meditation on it.


Angelite is also known as Anhydrite due to its mineral composition of anhydrous calcium sulfate. Anhydrate stones come in various colors including white, light purple, gray, and red. However, only the stones that come in shades of blue are called ‘Angelite.’