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Pink Calcite

Appreciation - Health - Wholeness


I am connected to the intelligence and empathy of my heart.


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Pink Calcite is the cherry on top for your heart. This baby pink crystal gives you the gentle push to move past pain, clear your mind, and step into a new day with peace. As Pink Calcite wraps its vibrations around your heart, you will be able to live comfortably and love yourself. Its gentle healing reveals your true self while still fostering security. It is not a tough love crystal, but one that guides you slowly toward inner happiness through acceptance, compassion, and self-worth.

Pink Calcite is used to stabilize the heart chakra, enhancing one’s abilities of perception, connection, and appreciation. This is a stone of empathy. It helps one see another’s point of view dispelling disagreements. Pink Calcite is used as a tool to uncover emotional patterns that may be locked behind patterns of over-intellectualization. Used to integrate minerals in the body. It encourages the heart to function optimally. Gently releases anger and grief.


This heart healer is a close contact crystal. Pink Calcite’s gentle vibrations will only affect your inner world. During the day, carry it in your pocket or in hand when you need comfort. It is a perfect partner if you need an uplifting energy after a long week. It is also good if you struggle with loneliness. Hold Pink Calcite in your hand and let it serve as a friend who leads you to a path of self-confidence.

You may want to place these stones in any room where people are experiencing emotional trauma or turmoil such as a hospital or therapist's office.


Pink Calcite takes time to heal your heart. No surprise, it takes some many years to find themselves through trial and error. To begin this journey, use Pink Calcite in meditation everyday. Hold this gentle crystal to your heart or rest it on your chest. Settle in somewhere safe, comfortable, and quiet. From foot to head, imagine pink ribbons of light wrapping around you. Let it cushion your body and fill your heart. Envision your heart opening like a gateway. Whatever images or symbols that show up may be a sign of what you can pursue to get in touch with yourself. Signs will come in stronger when the connection between you and Pink Calcite will grow daily.


Pink Calcite has often been sold and confused with Mangano Calcite. Both energetically and physically similar, these two have different mineral compositions that separate them. Mangano Calcite is made of at least a quarter Manganese in its calcium structure. Pink Calcite is a calcite variety made of calcium carbonate.