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Cobalto Calcite

Illumination - Release - Encouragement 


I release negative feelings and open my heart to what I desire.


Chemical Formula





From the outside, Cobalto Calcite is unassuming, solid, and seeks no attention. But when it is cut open, this raspberry pink crystal sings a different song. Cobalto Calcite works to open you up to your heart’s true feelings. As energy is pushed through the heart chakra, true emotions are revealed and grief not yet addressed is uncovered. When we face our honest emotions, we discover the power to heal the source of them. Cobalto Calcite breaks down the walls around your heart so that you may live truthfully. It is a reminder that you can weather any emotional distress and live authentically on the other side. To release pain is to grow from it! Cobalto Calcite transmutes trauma to empowerment in this way.


Make room for love and growth when carrying Cobalto Calcite. Keep this deep pink crystal nearby to move toward joy and compassion. Its shimmery face will remind you to focus on what brings you joy. Its raspberry vibrance can be the spark of a new beginning; aiding in small steps toward bringing love into your heart. It is best for when you are struggling to find the light after a loved one’s passing, heart break, or a broken marriage.


Art therapy is a trauma healing method through expression. Many creatives try to process the suffering they've experienced through a creative outlet. Art therapy uses the technique of creation healing to bring out true emotions that are subconsciously hidden. Gather some pieces of paper and drawing utensils. (It helps to have colors!) Set Cobalto Calcite in front of your ritual space. After you take a few breaths, draw and color whatever you feel called to. It doesn’t have to be beautiful, just feel the choices you make. What do the colors suggest? Did you draw any symbols or shapes that have significance? Let Cobalto Calcite release your true feelings through creative expression. You may find the marks you make symbolize something you’ve been hiding from.

Crystal Pairings

Kunzite and Cobalto Calcite facilitate divine love. It is not simply romantic love but an acceptance of yourself. When we open our hearts, we understand that we are complex, messy, and ever changing. When these two come together, you let go of the need to be perfect. Trauma is addressed in this energy because you accept that you are multidimensional and it is okay to feel sorrow, grief, and anger. You are more than your trauma.