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Agate comes in a variety of colors that all contain their own healing properties. Overall, this colorful banded stone fosters a soothing, growth-oriented energy. Its rainbow bands exude acceptance of change and going with the flow. When we approach reality without resisting its truth, we discover the power of presence. Agate reveals our own power when hardship occurs. It can also aid in the ability to take responsibility head on, step forward into the unknown, and feel secure in your decisions.


With its soothing energy, Agate is best used as a close contact healer. Its gentle vibration can slowly get you to take small steps in the direction of your healing and goals. Carry Agate when you need a push to face something that scares you. Whether it's starting therapy, having surgery, or public speaking, this balanced stone helps you focus on your strengths.


Meditation with Agate is all about the intention you set. When you sit down to meditate, hold Agate in your hands. If you wish to gain clarity on your desires, set it on your heart or head. Either place, Agate can connect the two with harmony. Repeat a mantra that can lead Agate to where the healing should take place. I am strong. I am purposeful. I have unique gifts to share.Stating your mantra in the present tense opens your body and mind to align with the timelessness of your soul. Agate fosters change on a spiritual clock; when you are truly ready for it.


Agate is associated with the numerical vibration 7. In numerology, every number between 1 and 9 holds a vibrational frequency. 7 is the number of knowledge and spiritual revelation. Many religions use the 7 to mark significant events. Agate aligns with 7 in this way because of its power to bring the soul into your focus. The closer we are to connecting with our soul, the more balance, understanding, love, and peace we experience. 


Provide the answer to the question hereTo put it simply, Agate is a name which describes a common variety of crystals. In order to explain this concept fully, the definition of an Agate will actually have to start first by defining Chalcedony. 

Chalcedony is a much broader spectrum of crystals. Chalcedony is a category of cryptocrystalline minerals, specifically any crystals which contain two very fine silicates of Quartz and Moganite. From this family of Chalcedony comes many beloved subcategories: Carnelian, Onyx, Chrysoprase, Heliotrope, and of course Agate!

We’ll skip on the categorization of these other forms of Chalcedony for now and instead focus on the very simple textbook definition of Agate. Agate crystals are defined by their patterns and/or transparency, any classic Agate stone has defined and gorgeous banding patterns throughout. All of our favorite Agate crystals whether they’re Crazy Lace Agate, Blue Lace Agate, or Botswana Agate all feature these brilliant stripes! These stripes may be colorful, white, or clear but they all typically begin from a round or oblong center and continue outwards like ripples in a lake.

Though many kinds of Agate exist, and most which are tan or brown in color are particularly common, there are rare types of Agate. Perhaps the most well known rare Agate is Blue Lace Agate, considered particularly desirable for its fine pastel blue coloration. Most Blue Lace Agate is expensive in comparison to its plain Agate counterparts, due to the fact that the mine where it derives from no longer produces new raw material! So any and all Blue Lace Agate on the market is old stock.

On top of the aforementioned banded Agate crystals, we’ll talk more about the near endless types of Agate which gain the name more loosely in the next section!.

There are absolutely quite a few crystals which we call by the name of Agate, despite them not bearing any banding whatsoever. One of these might even be your favorite kind of Agate! Among them are fan favorites: Moss Agate and Flower Agate. Moss Agate is a very common and stunning form of clear or white Chalcedony filled with green or blue moss-like filament inclusions: hence its namesake. Flower Agate is similarly named for the appearance of its flower-shaped inclusions inside its milky Chalcedony surface! 

While we’re on the topic there’s a more rare crystal which also superficially goes by the name of Agate: Fire Agate. A particularly rare form of Chalcedony with a brown surface, this stone holds a rainbow just below the surface. Inclusions of Goethite and Limonite inside this magical crystal cause flashes of iridescence in every color under the rainbow.

For the matter of calling these crystals Agate despite them not truly being Agate, it’s highly likely the reason this began is that Chalcedony is just a lesser known crystal. Moss Chalcedony just doesn’t roll off the tongue like Moss Agate does, and so long as we all know what we’re really buying most consider it a no-harm no-foul rule! In the world of crystal healing, and crystal collecting, this is more of a pet peeve than other crystal naming controversies.

Agate is a readily available crystal which comes in all varieties of shapes and sizes. This is a quintessential crystal, perfect for all! From beginning crystal collectors all the way to advanced crystal enthusiasts; allowing Agate healing properties to flow throughout your space will allow your spiritual practices and home life to prosper! Agate propels the growth of whomever enters its energetic aura, while providing a sense of stability for you to grow upon. There are a great many ways to incorporate Agate crystals into your home life to help bolster your prospects in all matters of life.

Agate’s gorgeous patterns make them perfect for slicing, so Agate coasters are a fun and energetically functional way to add this stone to your home! Even while not in use, Agate coasters are a substantial enough size to exude their energy into your home. However these little masterpieces of Agate will truly shine when in use: imbuing your drinks (or other items if you’re using them ritually) with harmonious and reliable energy.

One of the more stunning forms of Agate is their druzy formations: a combination of Agate and Quartz or Amethyst most commonly. These glittering specimens are typically carved to best show off their bands and caverns of sparkling Quartz! The Quartz helps to amplify all of Agate’s best properties, each and every point of the Quartz will send that energy out into the room, helping to fill it with those unique benefits. These incredible statement pieces may display best in the living room, so they can be appreciated by guests and residents alike, however you may find that your Agate shines best in a room where you need its support. Offices and bedrooms where you can plan and dream your future with its steadfast guidance!

Agate is the perfect crystal to add into your everyday rituals. Those of us who suffer from stress and anxiety will find this crystal a near necessity to carry on our person, and there are few ways better to do so than in Agate crystal jewelry Whether it be a Dendritic Agate bracelet, or a charmingly dainty pendant bearing a Druzy Agate gem, this crystal will exude a reassuring energy for its wearer! Both grounding and revitalizing, it plays well with both energy boosting crystals and soothing crystal pairings.

Pair your Agate jewelry with calming Amethyst and Howlite to destress during the day. If you harbor a lot of internal strife and want to sort through your thoughts: This combination will allow you to harness the ability to release it peacefully after due time. This combination is excellent at quelling workplace anxiety, or releasing the tension of social anxiety.

If your anxiety keeps you in bed, unable to go on with your day, try combining your Agate with Citrine and Carnelian! This will help boost your energy in an entirely positive, and productive way. This combination involves a powerful increase in physical and mental energy, along with the guiding hand of Agate healing properties.

Pocket stones are also an excellent way to craft these personalized crystal pairings, especially for those who dislike or cannot wear jewelry on a daily basis!