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Emotional Healing - Mental Function


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Agate comes in a variety of colors that all contain their own healing properties. Overall, this colorful banded stone fosters a soothing, growth-oriented energy. Its rainbow bands exude acceptance of change and going with the flow. When we approach reality without resisting its truth, we discover the power of presence. Agate reveals our own power when hardship occurs. It can also aid in the ability to take responsibility head on, step forward into the unknown, and feel secure in your decisions.


With its soothing energy, Agate is best used as a close contact healer. Its gentle vibration can slowly get you to take small steps in the direction of your healing and goals. Carry Agate when you need a push to face something that scares you. Whether it's starting therapy, having surgery, or public speaking, this balanced stone helps you focus on your strengths.


Meditation with Agate is all about the intention you set. When you sit down to meditate, hold Agate in your hands. If you wish to gain clarity on your desires, set it on your heart or head. Either place, Agate can connect the two with harmony. Repeat a mantra that can lead Agate to where the healing should take place. I am strong. I am purposeful. I have unique gifts to share.Stating your mantra in the present tense opens your body and mind to align with the timelessness of your soul. Agate fosters change on a spiritual clock; when you are truly ready for it.


Agate is associated with the numerical vibration 7. In numerology, every number between 1 and 9 holds a vibrational frequency. 7 is the number of knowledge and spiritual revelation. Many religions use the 7 to mark significant events. Agate aligns with 7 in this way because of its power to bring the soul into your focus. The closer we are to connecting with our soul, the more balance, understanding, love, and peace we experience.