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Pink Scolecite

Inner Peace - Awareness


I open myself to spiritual connection and allow love and acceptance to flow through my heart. I trust that the heart can guide me to peace, awareness, and knowledge.


Chemical Formula





Pink Scolecite resembles sunrays coming through billowy, white clouds. Its peach crystal hues cut through thick white stone. Pink Scolecite’s power echoes this physical nature; the divine finding its way to your mind. A mix of Scolecite and Stilbite, this unique stone brings spiritual connection to the third eye, crown, and heart chakras. Truth, wisdom, and ancient knowledge dispel your fearful ego to give you clarity and calm. Through the heart, Pink Scolecite expands love and acceptance of what we cannot see (spiritual elements). Pink Scolecite softens your fear of the future and reminds you that the heart can guide you to peace, awareness, and knowledge locked out by the scrutinizing mind.


Pink Scolecite is all about letting in the divine. Set this soft pink stone under your pillow to access angel messages in your sleep. Dreams will directly connect you with the spiritual realm with Pink Scolecite nearby. Messages and symbols will be divinely guided and can lead you to understanding your struggles in waking life. Things that you hold on to, yet no longer serve you, will appear in symbols. Pay attention to people, places, and things that repeat when you work with Pink Scolecite. It may be bringing them up to reveal a lesson that needs to be learned.


Pink Scolecite clears old energies out and absorbs those that are held deep within. It acts as a “spring cleaning” stone for the soul and its surrounding space. Set Pink Scolecite out on a shelf or counter while cleaning a space. To make sense of our world we must organize our own lives. We cannot understand what is being transmitted to us if we don’t make space for it to come in. Open windows, burn candles or a cleansing wand, and stir the atmosphere with good, uplifting music. Scolecite will take the negative energies out of the air and replace them with divine love. In your new space, Scolecite will bring peace, compassion, and insight into your heart.

Crystal Pairings

Pair Pink Scolecite with stones that connect to the spiritual realm. Angelite or Moonstone work well in union with this salmon-pink stone. Together these pairings connect you to angels and their messages for you. As the heart and third eye open, these stones facilitate more room and openness toward what we cannot see. They can also relieve what your heart wrestles with like relationships, purpose, and self-belief.