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Indigo Gabbro

Shadow Work - Intuition - Grounding


I am able to connect to mysticism and magic, and allow it to guide me along my spiritual journey.


Chemical Formula





Also known as Mystic Merlinite, Indigo Gabbro is a new stone that works with the shadow self and unveils spiritual truth through deep healing. Indigo Gabbro looks similar to a dragon egg; a symbol of magic, power, and hidden potential. All of these traits reside in its energy to awaken the consciousness of each person. Opening all seven chakras, this speckled stone reveals your spiritual gifts, natural strengths, and the shadow. Once the shadow self is unveiled, you can heal ego-driven habits and unintentional actions. Your weaknesses become strengths to living a more fulfilling, magical life with Indigo Gabbro. 

A powerful stone for intuition and manifestation. Indigo Gabbro will guide you through life changes and help you stay grounded and be open to truths along the way. It attracts synchronicities, heightens our intuition, and opens our third eye. This stone is excellent to assist with mediumship and connecting to angels or elemental energies.


For those who seek clarity, Indigo Gabbro is here to aid in the journey toward truth. Carry your mystical stone around everyday to get clear on what is truly important and what is meaningless. What is serving you and what is not will be revealed through Indigo Gabbro’s shadow work. Be ready to have a shift in perspective as Indigo Gabbro lifts the rose-tinted glasses from your eyes. Shadow work is an ongoing process, so keep this blue-gray wonder in your pocket for a while as truth unfolds on its own time.


As a soul stone, Indigo Gabbro aids in strengthening your true self. To benefit from its energy, meditation is a key practice. Sit with Indigo Gabbro in hand or on whatever chakra you feel needs a boost. For more empathy, place it on the chest and envision green light around your heart. For connection to divine gifts, place it on your forehead. A blue thread between the heavens and your mind while meditating can establish a line of communication for divine knowledge. Any meditation with Indigo Gabbro will expand the aura’s reach to let in more divine abundance and healing.

Spiritual Awakening

Indigo Gabbro is a newly mined stone from Madagascar. Due to its consciousness raising abilities, it is believed that it was divine timing for it to be found. Indigo Gabbro arrived at a time right before a shift in astrological ages (Pisces to Aquarius) which signals a new wave of spiritual awakening. This stone is a tool for receiving divine truth and better connecting to the soul. With its power, more people will be able to shift from day-to-day worrying into conscious awareness around the soul’s journey.