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Noreena Jasper

Willpower - Protection - Endurance


I trust my instincts and listen to Mother Nature. I open myself to life force energy and trust the process.


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Noreena Jasper is a silicified pelite (mudstone) that is rusty red, mustard yellow, and cream/grey in color. A bursting fire caught in stone, Noreena Jasper channels endurance, willpower, and focus. This energetic stone captures the element fire within its vibrational frequency. Joining fire and earth, Noreena Jasper fosters Mother Nature’s abilities into your own aura. Its greatest strength is grounding you within the present moment. You will feel connected to your body’s natural resilience and stability through this effect. Noreena Jasper also ignites the fire within through the sacral chakra. The sacral and root opened together results in motivation toward goals, charged physical abilities, and an overall feeling of optimism.

This stone can provide a willingness to change and open one to new experiences. Providing a protective shield to the aura it allows for natural instinct to shine while being calm and grounded.  Boosts creativity, imagination, sexual drive, and fertility.

One of the most important stones to protect against negative energies. Life is lived more intensely under the influence of this adventurous stone. Encourages risk taking and change. It shows whats blocking your spiritual growth and enhances ones willpower.


Noreena Jasper lights a fire wherever it goes. It can burn away darkness and heavy energy within a space. Place Noreena Jasper in a sacred space with other root or sacral crystals to fan the flames of positivity and will. Rooms that require creativity, activity, and bursts of energy can benefit from Noreena Jasper. In a gym, this fiery red stone lifts a heavy atmosphere so movement is easier and more fun. Another space for Noreena Jasper is the kitchen. Cooking is an earthy practice that connects fire with Mother Nature’s bounty. If you want to get creative with new dishes, set Noreena Jasper on the counter nearby.


If you’re in need of will power or optimism, place Noreena Jasper near you. Begin your meditation by envisioning its vibration like a campfire. Imagine it glowing with a burning red-orange light. Truly feel the warmth of its frequency warming your body. This visualization practice spiritually charges up the body. In effect, you may feel motivated or positive afterwards. Get up and get going when you sense Noreena Jasper has charged you up!

Crystal Pairings

Noreena Jasper is a sacral and root chakra stone. As a great altar addition, place other complimentary crystals around it to generate a spiritual fire for inspiration and will. Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, and Citrine all facilitate similar healing properties. Together, all of these stones with Noreena Jasper will encourage vitality and physical energy.