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Pink Opal

Peace - Emotional Healing - Compassion


My heart is open to accepting and giving love.


Chemical Formula





Strengthen and reconnect to your heart with Pink Opal. This light pink stone channels calming vibrations into your heart to help release sadness, grief, and pain. Pink Opal pushes you to face your emotional troubles by opening the heart chakra. When this healing takes place, you can accept your emotions then let them go. It fosters reconnection with your inner self and strengthens your ability to release pain that does not serve you. Pink Opal is for those who need a reminder that love is always within reach and heartache a gateway to healing.


To connect with its healing energy, Pink Opal can be kept in your pocket on a daily basis. If you don’t have a sufficient pocket, a purse can work as well. No matter where, keeping Pink Opal close every day can aid in the release of emotional baggage. Whether it be grief or stress, it will relieve the weight you hold on to without intention. Tranquility will find you during work or running errands instead of constant worry. In effect, your heart will be stronger when something troubles you later.


Pink Opal is gentle, calm, and refreshing. To channel this tender energy, meditate in a relaxing environment. We recommend setting Pink Opal under your pillow and beginning a practice before bed. Lie down and breathe deeply until all your thoughts have dissolved away. Envision a soft pink light in your chest and radiating around your heart. Let it fill the darkness with a forgiving glow. This meditation will establish a channel between you and Pink Opal. Rest easy and start the next day renewed after this practice.

Care Instructions

Be kind to your Pink Opal! Opal is made up of silicon dioxide and generally 3-10% water. Make sure you keep your Pink Opal in a weather-proof pocket when carrying it. If it is set out, keep it out of sunlight. Due to its water content, the sun will dry it out causing it to potentially break.