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Confidence - Change - Growth


I open myself to change and new ideas. I am confident and read to grow.


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Turquoise is a stone of truth, purification, and expression. Its vibration channels energy to the throat chakra, fostering communication, truth-seeking, and authenticity. This blue-green stone helps you express your feelings and opinions verbally. There is no bottling up how you feel with Turquoise. This effect allows you to purge emotional pain through healing conversations and self acceptance. Overall, Turquoise helps purify the emotional body by letting thoughts and feelings flow freely through speaking.


Carry Turquoise around with you in a pocket or purse to open the throat chakra. Even better, wear it as a pendant so it can be close to your throat chakra! Turquoise can relieve social anxiety, stress, and shyness by empowering your voice. If you need to pitch a meeting or make a speech, Turquoise can help you find the right words to inspire. On a normal day, this bright aqua stone can reveal the truth to other’s words and actions. Turquoise breaks through the surface to get to the meaning of all things. Keep it with you if you want to stimulate honest, effective conversations.


Setting intentions with Turquoise can boost manifestations and healing. At the beginning of each day, hold Turquoise in hand. Speak out loud your intention. It can be related to communication, finding the truth, or expressing your authentic self more easily. Imagine Turquoise’s calming blue energy flowing through your throat and out of your mouth. Let it carry away any emotions or thoughts you hold on to. The intention will be set each day as you connect with Turquoise’s calming vibration.


For thousands of years, Turquoise has been an important stone across cultures. In Native American culture, Turquoise was made into pendants, talismans, and rings by the Navajo people. Egyptian tradition included Turquoise in its gold masks for the dead. The same was done in Aztec civilization for ceremonial masks and garments. Turquoise has long had spiritual value around the world.