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Intuition - Mental Performance - Insight


I think clearly and rationally and remain open to new ideas.


Chemical Formula





Within this royal blue stone lies the potential to live by your intuition and be guided by higher perception. Open your mind to your soul’s divine truth with Sodalite. Opening the third eye and throat chakras, this rich stone gives you the power to take intentional action and speak your truth. Its vibration aids in personal expression and keeps you on your unique path. Sodalite is also a great cleansing stone due to its mineral components of sodium, potassium, and calcium. This cleansing effect gets rid of heavy energy, making room for divine connection through intuition. It can dispel confusion and clutter which makes Sodalite a great stone for students, readers, and researchers.


Indecision, uncertainty, and hopelessness is no match for Sodalite. Place Sodalite in any office space or working area in your home where you sit down to focus. Even kitchen tables where family discussions are made is a great spot for this stone. It can promote honest communication and expression of truth between a group of people. In communal work spaces or board rooms, Sodalite fosters clarity of ideas and open minded sharing. In sum, Sodalite works wonders when people come together to share openly and truthfully. This kind of communication can bring understanding, growth, and connection in all relationships. 


Despite Sodalite being an inner work stone, it can also be used in exterior spaces to cleanse and release old energies. To energetically clear a space to enhance focus, clarity, and spiritually aligned decisions, begin the ritual by getting rid of clutter. Put items in their rightful place. If they don’t have a place, make a designated spot for them. Folders, baskets, and drawers are your friend! This is not a “sweeping under the rug” clean. Vacuum, mop, and dust to cleanse surfaces of old dirt. Then, burn a cleansing wand or light a candle and open a window to bring in fresh air. Sodalite is a wind element stone, energized by a breeze to reconnect to nature’s natural flow. Finally, make a space for Sodalite where you can see it. It can be the cherry on top to solidify new, positive energy in the space.

Crystal Pairings

Paired with Rose Quartz, Sodalite aids in understanding others. Opening the heart, throat, and third eye, these two help you see through other’s eyes. This effect increases your emotional intelligence; fostering a sense of perspective when you have trouble coming together. This pairing is great for therapists, psychologists, and health professionals so that your heart can open to your patients’ pain. 


The white parts are calcite.