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How Crystals Work

Crystals have been used for healing, protection and meditation by civilizations throughout history dating back 40,000 years. These practices have been passed down from generation to generation. Although many people rely heavily on their intuition when working with crystals we believe it’s also important to understand the overarching science behind this work.

All matter vibrates at different vibrational frequencies. This vibration is called a Dominant Oscillatory Rate or DOR. As humans we are made up of trillions of DORs as each cell in our body vibrates at its own DOR. Crystals on the other hand only have one DOR.

The molecules in a crystal are arranged in a fixed repeating pattern. Unlike humans, this structure makes crystals highly stable allowing them to easily maintain their DOR. When we bring crystals into our energy field the process of entrainment begins. Entrainment is when the rhythm of a more stable energy causes another to gradually synchronize with it. This is the Universe’s way of bringing energies into balance.

Because of the precise stable energy of crystals they are used for many things in today’s world. You may not realize it, but you probably use crystals daily. Here are some examples: watches, radio, tv, radar, computer chips, phones, solar panels, lasers etc.

All of these examples show that certain crystals act as resonators and transducers of electromagnetic energies. Knowing this fact, it's reasonable to consider the idea that crystals may be capable of transforming and/or magnifying other forms of energy that have not yet been measured by today’s scientific tools. Our crystal offerings are for those who believe in that possibility and are interested in using the powerful stable energy of crystals to align themselves with the vibration of their choosing.

There are some key points that must be understood before using crystals:
1. Because your energy is unique to you so will be your experience with a particular crystal. Invest time experimenting, use the crystal meaning pages on our website to spark inspiration for your own rituals and practices.

2. Crystals act as tools in your healing journey. They allow energy to flow more easily and are a tangible representation of your intentions. They are not your healer. You are your own healer.

Choosing a Crystal

You can choose the crystal you want to work with based on intention or intuition. Use the filter
function on our product pages to select the intention you want to focus on (abundance, stress,
manifestation etc). This is the easiest way to find the exact crystal you didn’t even know you

Another way to make your crystal selection is to use your intuition. Scan through our crystal
offerings until a crystal jumps out at you. You may be drawn to its color, pattern, sheen, texture
etc. Read the short description or click through for a more in depth explanation of its energy. If
the information resonates, it's the one for you!

Working with Crystals

There are endless ways to incorporate crystal energy into your life. From placement in your home, to meditations, crystal grids, gem elixirs and more; crystals can easily be added to your

everyday routine with ease. Within each crystal meaning page on our website we give one placement idea and one ritual example to get you started. Keep in mind tapping into crystal energy can be as simple as assigning an intention to a stone and keeping that stone nearby.

Cleansing Crystals

Cleansing your crystals is up to your own discretion. Some crystal enthusiasts claim its necessary maintenance for the stone. However, others believe crystals will eventually always return back to their original Dominant Oscillatory Rate or DOR.

There are many methods to cleanse crystals including, but not limited to: running under water (make sure your crystal is water safe), moonlight, sound therapy (tuning forks or singing bowls), burying in the earth, burning herbal wands, visualization and more.

Crystal Shapes

The shape of a crystal has a huge impact on its energy output, usage and meaning. For
example, raw stones usually carry a much stronger vibration than a tumbled version of the
same crystal. To learn more about the meanings behind different crystal shapes check out our
blog post here.