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Spiritual Love - Destiny - Gift


I am generous with my heart. I share my gifts freely with the world.


Chemical Formula





Filled with unconditional spiritual love, this crystal helps to ground the feeling of love in the physical world. Focusing its energy through the heart chakra, Rhodonite clears and rebalances your heart. From this energetic healing, Rhodonite helps one realize their unique gifts and encourages them on their path to fulfilling their destiny. There is no waiting for love to come your way with Rhodonite, it is always there for you to feel, spread, and enjoy.


Rhodonite is a wonderful crystal to have in your home or carry with you throughout the day. Its calming energy and ability to promote emotional healing can help you stay centered and at peace in stressful situations.

Place rhodonite in your home, where you spend a lot of time. In your bedroom, living room, or a home office. Placing rhodonite in areas where you work or study can help you focus and stay calm, while placing it in a bedroom can promote emotional healing and peaceful sleep.

If you are looking to use rhodonite for emotional healing, it is best to keep it close to you throughout the day. You can wear rhodonite jewelry or carry a small piece of rhodonite in your pocket or purse. This will help keep its energy close to you and remind you to stay centered and calm.


Rhodonite fosters an individual who invests in the exploration of self. To work with this energy, you must listen to your heart. What is calling to you? Are you curious about a topic, place, or person?Any activity or subject your heart cannot let go of may be of importance. Place action behind these curiosities and create opportunities for yourself to discover new passions and gifts. Try painting or taking an art class, cook a new recipe, write a poem, become a volunteer and bring Rhodonite along for the adventure.

Crystal Pairings

If you feel a lack of curiosity to explore, use Rhodonite with Rose Quartz. This pairing can break away the walls you built around your heart. Whether from past failure or disappointing others, these two can heal the trauma around discovering yourself. Together, Rhodonite and Rose Quartz allows you to transcend pain and discover potential underneath.

Fun Fact

The black inclusions in Rhodonite are manganese oxide.