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Black Onyx

Strength - Confidence


I greet each day with strength.


Chemical Formula





Black Onyx encompasses the masculine divine; strength, confidence, and protection. Its unique vibration helps energy flow through the third eye, solar plexus, and root chakras. This unusual combination pushes you forward, keeps you focused, and ready for any obstacles. You can take steady steps toward your goals with Black Onyx. Simultaneously, this dark stone protects you from imbalance with an open third eye. This effect fosters wisdom; allowing you to make measured, meaningful decisions before moving forward.

Black Onyx also provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances or during times of tremendous mental or physical stress. It helps with lesson learning, self confidence and keeping you at ease in your surroundings.


Keep Black Onyx on you during the day to protect you from negative energy. Stressed coworkers, angry customers, and misdirected comments will be dispelled. This auric shield allows you to go about your day in a level mood without psychic baggage attaching to you. In your pocket, Black Onyx will keep you on top of your game! Making good decisions, staying positive, and tackling obstacles will be your expertise with this bold stone.


Manifestation takes forming a vision and bringing it to life. Black Onyx takes dreams and grounds them in reality. To bridge concrete action with divine support, meditate with Black Onyx and a high vibrational crystal. Clear Quartz or Selenite channels spirit guides to support you in your wishes. Together, Black Onyx and these crystals pave the way toward achieving your dreams. Place Black Onyx and its cohorts in front of you and envision what your dream looks like. Breathe in the smells, hear the sounds, and live the dream come true.


Black Onyx has a long history across many civilizations. It was used in pottery, amulets, and utensils in Ancient Rome, Greece, and Egypt. It was also used to dye Chalcedony stones black to look like Onyx through a chemical heating process. In Greek mythology, Onyx was the fingernail clippings of Venus that fell from the sky!