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Psychic Ability - Confidence - Communication


I confidently walk the path of growth towards my fullest embodiment of Self.


Chemical Formula





Kyanite paves the way to divine connection. This dreamy blue crystal opens both the throat and third eye chakras. Opening both these chakras stimulates receiving divine messages through psychic abilities. It also promotes a higher vibration fostering peace, compassion, and harmony. Essentially, Blue Kyanite pulls you above the noise of the world and allows you to reconnect with divine realms. Once you receive guidance from your spirit guides, you may find yourself calm and relaxed. Knowing that the universe has your back can relieve anxiety, worry, and fear.

Kyanite is a powerful stone that connects us with our ability to communicate from the seat of our Highest Self. This stone creates pathways in our thoughts that can move us through our difficulties with grace. Kyanite stimulates your ability to transcend old patterns and develop new, more empowered ways of Being.

Kyanite helps us to feel centered with the inner and outer self. Aids in concentration and can ease anxiety. Can enhance psychic abilities and the transfer of energy between people.


Blue Kyanite is a high frequency crystal. It is also a fibrous crystal, so it is best to set it somewhere safe. To engage with its vibration, set Blue Kyanite next to your bed. After you fall asleep, it will channel energy from the divine into your third eye chakra. Your dreams will be rich with symbols and guidance from your guardian angels. Its energy can also help you feel steady and certain throughout the day. With universal knowledge, Blue Kyanite makes living everyday easier and more fulfilling.


Reiki energy healing is Blue Kyanite’s best friend. Reiki uses vibrations to clear blocks and old wounds from the energetic body. Channeling energy into the soul releases physical tension, mental confusion, and emotional pain. Reiki is best done by a trained practitioner but you can do something similar on your own. Lie down and place Blue Kyanite on your forehead. Sit still and take some deep, forceful breaths. Clear the lungs and breathe in Blue Kyanite’s divine essence. As the old, negative energy falls away, imagine your third eye opening. This reiki ritual helps your mind stay open for spiritual messages.

Fun Fact

Despite its calming aura, Blue Kyanite can withstand some heat! Its mineral composition serves well in many manufactured materials including bricks, mortar, and porcelain products. Grinding wheels are made of Kyanite due to its incredible hardness. Under immense heat, Kyanite expands to twice its size which makes it a useful crystal for raw building materials that need strengthening during abrasive processes.