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Rose Quartz

Love - Emotional Healing - Gentleness


My heart is centered and open to the love that surrounds me every day in every way.


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Known as the ultimate heart healer, Rose Quartz shows you love in every place you seek to find it. Whether it be self-love, love of others (platonic or romantic), or love of the earth, this peachy-pink crystal allows you to feel life’s kind embrace. Opening the heart chakra, Rose Quartz brings in a cleansing energy to heal old wounds and past heartbreaks. Any old tumultuous love encounter will no longer block your ability to love in the present moment. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues associated with holding on to negative emotions. This stone is a reminder that love is always present and you are the gatekeeper to letting it in.


Rose Quartz heals in soft vibrations for the heart to take in. Around the home, this hazy pink stone can lighten up any room and bring in a sense of compassion. To enhance a love connection, set Rose Quartz on a bedside table or under your pillow. This placement fosters love between partners to reignite old flames and create stronger bonds. For self-love, sit Rose Quartz under a vanity mirror or where you get ready for your day. Next to all your beauty products, its pink joy will remind you that even without these enhancements, you are worth authentic love and kindness.


Option 1: No matter what kind of love you desire, speaking from a place of truth and passion can attract authentic experiences to you. Rose Quartz is no different, resonating through words of the heart. To fully embody Rose Quartz’s energy, you must connect to your heart center. Set Rose Quartz near and begin journaling with these three prompts. How have I blocked love from coming in? What would allow me to open my heart? How do I feel when I am loved? When we answer truthfully, Rose Quartz can cleanse the darkness and enter the light that you hold in your heart. Reacquainting yourself with your relationship with love can bring about understanding and compassion for the self. And this is the first step in loving others, too. 

Option 2:Draw a warm bath: as the water flows, add sea salts and rose petals. As the tub fills to halfway think and/or speak your intention as you place your Rose Quartz crystal into the flowing water. Example Affirmation: I call on the healing powers of the Rose to gently release any anger or resentment that has made its home in my body; as I welcome self-forgiveness I embrace my divinity.

If possible, dim the lights to a gentle glow or light a few candles for light. Once the bath is full and your sanctuary complete, put on a Self-Forgiveness/Self-Love meditation or gentle background music. As you enter the waters, enhanced by your invocation and embedded with the Rose Quartz, recall your intention, and open yourself to the healing. Remember you are worthy of the healing that you receive.


Not all Rose Quartz comes in the same color. Depending on their impurities during formation, each stone can range from a barely visible light pink to a deep shade of rose. This variety of color comes from the impurities of manganese, titanium, or iron.