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Rose Quartz

Love - Emotional Healing - Gentleness


My heart is centered and open to the love that surrounds me every day in every way.


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Known as the ultimate heart healer, Rose Quartz shows you love in every place you seek to find it. Whether it be self-love, love of others (platonic or romantic), or love of the earth, this peachy-pink crystal allows you to feel life’s kind embrace. Opening the heart chakra, Rose Quartz brings in a cleansing energy to heal old wounds and past heartbreaks. Any old tumultuous love encounter will no longer block your ability to love in the present moment. Lowering stress and tension in the heart, Rose Quartz clears out anger, jealousy, and resentment of others, and allows healing of heart issues associated with holding on to negative emotions. This stone is a reminder that love is always present and you are the gatekeeper to letting it in.


Rose Quartz heals in soft vibrations for the heart to take in. Around the home, this hazy pink stone can lighten up any room and bring in a sense of compassion. To enhance a love connection, set Rose Quartz on a bedside table or under your pillow. This placement fosters love between partners to reignite old flames and create stronger bonds. For self-love, sit Rose Quartz under a vanity mirror or where you get ready for your day. Next to all your beauty products, its pink joy will remind you that even without these enhancements, you are worth authentic love and kindness.


Option 1: No matter what kind of love you desire, speaking from a place of truth and passion can attract authentic experiences to you. Rose Quartz is no different, resonating through words of the heart. To fully embody Rose Quartz’s energy, you must connect to your heart center. Set Rose Quartz near and begin journaling with these three prompts. How have I blocked love from coming in? What would allow me to open my heart? How do I feel when I am loved? When we answer truthfully, Rose Quartz can cleanse the darkness and enter the light that you hold in your heart. Reacquainting yourself with your relationship with love can bring about understanding and compassion for the self. And this is the first step in loving others, too. 

Option 2:Draw a warm bath: as the water flows, add sea salts and rose petals. As the tub fills to halfway think and/or speak your intention as you place your Rose Quartz crystal into the flowing water. Example Affirmation: I call on the healing powers of the Rose to gently release any anger or resentment that has made its home in my body; as I welcome self-forgiveness I embrace my divinity.

If possible, dim the lights to a gentle glow or light a few candles for light. Once the bath is full and your sanctuary complete, put on a Self-Forgiveness/Self-Love meditation or gentle background music. As you enter the waters, enhanced by your invocation and embedded with the Rose Quartz, recall your intention, and open yourself to the healing. Remember you are worthy of the healing that you receive.


Not all Rose Quartz comes in the same color. Depending on their impurities during formation, each stone can range from a barely visible light pink to a deep shade of rose. This variety of color comes from the impurities of manganese, titanium, or iron.


The name Rose Quartz is as old as they come, and this incredibly ancient crystal is simply, yet accurately named. Though the flower itself may look much different today, the Rose was known for its beautiful pink petals throughout history. Rose Quartz was given its name for its similarly beautiful hue. When talking about the history of Rose Quartz, it’s very difficult to pinpoint its exact date of discovery. It’s an ancient stone, one of the oldest artifacts crafted from Rose Quartz dates back to at least 7000 BC. Hand carved Rose Quartz beads thought to be used as jewelry, survived through all this time from ancient Mesopotamia. It is uncertain whether the people who crafted and adorned this Rose Quartz had a different understanding of its metaphysical properties than we do today. However, in slightly more recent history, the ancient Romans and Egyptians left many more Rose Quartz ornaments for us to discover, along with hard earned historical context! The ancient Romans used Rose Quartz as a sign of ownership, a symbol that an agreement had been made. Where the ancient Egyptians held the belief that the lovely blush colored stone could prevent the effects of aging. Forgive a bit of flowery language, but since we’re talking about Rose Quartz, doesn’t that remind you of today’s rituals? Rose Quartz beauty rollers are now commonplace and boast anti-inflammatory benefits. Often couples will exchange stones relating to love, and there’s no better example than Rose Quartz! Who wouldn’t adore a pair of matching Rose Quartz bracelets as a simple symbol of love? It seems so natural now to think of Rose Quartz as the essential stone of the heart we know and love today.

Rose Quartz is considered to be an excellent stone for those of us just beginning to walk down the path of crystal healing. Perhaps the most important reason for this is how accessible Rose Quartz is. Most varieties of Quartz are incredibly abundant. This is due to the fact that Quartz is a member of the silicate family, and Silica is one of the most abundant elements on Earth! So most of the common members of the Quartz family are well known as incredible stones for beginning crystal fanatics! Clear Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine are all staple beginner stones. In addition to being accessible, these colorful Quartz crystals in their basic forms are easy to work with. Each of these types of Quartz make excellent Chakra stones. Rose Quartz in particular is a wonderful Heart Chakra stone, able to open and balance your Heart Chakra even as a crystal healing novice! For those interested in an in depth explanation of the healing properties of Rose Quartz, its close siblings and 5 other perfect beginner crystals, read our blog “Top 10 Crystals for Beginners.” In it we look further into not only Rose Quartz’s exceptional Heart Chakra energy, but also the other varieties of Quartz mentioned previously. 

Rose Quartz is well known as a heart healing crystal, perfect for those with intentions for finding love or drawing love towards you. This lovely pink color of Quartz is also an incredible option for those in need of emotional healing, such as those suffering from the effects of grief or stress. Those suffering from mental health issues like depression may benefit from using Rose Quartz’s healing properties, as its heart healing energy can help remind us to love ourselves as well as others. A wonderful stone for self love, compassion, and romantic/platonic love, Rose Quartz is a reliable crystal to have in your collection. Now let’s look into how we can best use a Rose Quartz crystal for each of these intentions! If you find yourself in need of reassurance, or you often doubt your self worth, carrying Rose Quartz with you daily may benefit you. Whether you’re carrying your Rose Quartz as jewelry or as a pocket stone; try programming your crystal with the intention you have in mind. This can be done simply through meditation or energy work. Another option for charging your crystal with intention can involve more intricate methods like writing your intention with the Rose Quartz in hand several times, or resting your Rose Quartz with related herbs/objects. If you have difficulty carrying a crystal in your daily life, frequent meditation with Rose Quartz or sleeping with a piece nearby can also avail you of its many healing properties. 

If you’re looking to keep Rose Quartz nearby and you adore its lovely pink color, Rose Quartz jewelry may be for you. A ring with Rose Quartz can be a great ally, especially when worn on the thumb. The thumbs are said to be ruled by Venus, the planet of love, and can be helpful when attracting love. A ring can be an excellent vehicle for crystal energy due to the fact they are typically crafted from metal; as metal is an excellent conductor! Rose Quartz bracelets are a perfect way to keep this crystal close, and the beaded variety of bracelets have the added benefit of keeping contact with your skin. This method of adorning Rose Quartz can be more effective for some by keeping physical contact with the crystal, allowing its energy to flow within you. Another way to potentially boost effectiveness would be to wear Rose Quartz as a necklace, therefore keeping this Heart Chakra stone close to your heart. This method may boost effectiveness for those wishing to keep their heart open to romantic opportunities. If pink isn’t your color, keeping a small Rose Quartz crystal in your pocket may be right for you. Whether large or small, rough or polished, Rose Quartz has a peaceful and harmonious energy. As well they boast a hardness of 7 so Rose Quartz pocket stones are a very safe option for daily use, as long as they're paired with similarly hard stones. 

Rose Quartz is an incredibly versatile and hardy crystal. Though it isn't best to keep it in the sunlight, as it will fade, there are many other places in your home for Rose Quartz to spread its lovely pink energy. Keep Rose Quartz in the kitchen as a way to help sprinkle a little love into every bite. This can be an especially good tip for those cooking a nice meal for a romantic partner. If you can’t keep a statement piece in the kitchen perhaps bring your personal Rose Quartz crystal in just while cooking for your beloved. Rose Quartz is also a water safe crystal, so don’t fear leaving it by condensation! For those of us who take a little extra time to pamper ourselves with skincare and cosmetics, Rose Quartz is a perfect companion to leave nearby. Those of us who need a reminder to view ourselves with love and care will benefit from placing Rose Quartz nearby mirrors in the bathroom or bedroom especially. Rose Quartz finds a perfect home placed by the bedside, as it brings a peaceful energy to the room. Couples will benefit from the boost of heart centered energy nearby their shared bed. Common spaces can also be a great place to use Rose Quartz; its tender and caring pink light will brighten up a space and help to create a peaceful atmosphere. 

Pairing crystals together is an interesting topic of discussion! Many times we at Rocks With Sass get the question: “Are there certain crystals that shouldn’t be placed together?” Here’s some good news: You don’t have to worry about good old Rose Quartz canceling other crystals out! Whatever you’re using with Rose Quartz, it will just add a little extra tender love and care into the mix. So with that concern out of the way, we just have to think about which intention we’d like to focus on with our crystals! For the intention of self love an excellent practice is to combine fellow Heart Chakra crystals along with your Rose Quartz. A few excellent examples include Ruby Tourmaline, Malachite, or Kunzite. Bundle them together in a sachet or cotton bag and keep them close to boost your self worth, and act as a reminder to value your emotional energy! If you’re looking for a romantic love, or a boost in passionate love in a current relationship, try pairing your Rose Quartz with some fiery stones like Carnelian, Goldstone, or Red Jasper. These stones paired with Rose Quartz will keep you energized, rejuvenated and ready to ignite the flames of passion with romance! Wearing these stones can be particularly potent, so try making a little two or three stack of bracelets with these passionate stones. Perhaps you’re looking for more friends, in this day and age many people suffer from a lack of platonic relationships that fulfill them. If you’re looking to get out there and make fast friends, and lasting ones, try pairing your Rose Quartz with some Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, or Emerald. These stones combine with the loving energy of Rose Quartz to help attract and maintain healthy friendships; try keeping them in your pocket during your next social gathering, and see who’s enticed by their energy!

Most Quartz varieties have some locations where they’ve taken form in their classic hexagonal growth pattern, forming perfect pointed crystals. Those varieties like Clear Quartz, Smoky, Quartz, Citrine, and Amethyst may form in these perfect crystals, but can also take the same shape that Rose Quartz does. Rose Quartz forms in a way that is labeled as Anhedral, meaning that it lacks well composed crystal faces. In simple terms, it grows without a perfect external shape, but the atoms of the crystal are still perfectly aligned. The reason why Rose Quartz grows this way is simply because it was formed during the process of magma crystallization. These instances of crystal growth may not be quite as visually appealing as the perfect cubes of Fluorite, or the hexagonal crystals of the Beryl family but Rose Quartz is still a naturally beautiful stone, raw or polished.

This particular question brings up a rather interesting topic of discussion. Is Rose Quartz just… pink Quartz? And the answer may be surprising to some, but no! Rose Quartz is a very specific category of the Quartz family and it’s differentiated not just because it’s pink, but rather why it's pink. Rose Quartz gains its unique coloration through microscopic inclusions of a mineral that is related to Dumortierite but is pink instead of blue. Along with its Anhedral Crystal shape (addressed in another Q&A on this page) this form of coloration is what makes Rose Quartz, Rose Quartz. However there is a variety of Quartz that is the color pink, and its colloquial name is Crystallized (or Terminated) Rose Quartz. Technically, the proper name for these little pink crystals is actually Pink Quartz. Pink Quartz is colored instead by the inclusion of very particular aluminum and phosphorus ions. This makes Pink Quartz incredibly light sensitive, and prone to fading completely within less than an hour of sun exposure. Pink Quartz is far more rare than Rose Quartz, making it a highly sought after commodity in the mineral collection community.

Asterisms, or stars, are a beautiful reflection of light that can be present in many different crystals. Visually, these light displays look like a multi-rayed star, similar to an asterisk on the face of a polished stone. Most Asterisms are only visible in bright lighting because they are not a mark or pattern on the surface of the stone, but rather a mobile display of the reflection of light below the surface. Many people may be more familiar with Star Sapphires over Star Rose Quartz due to their presence in royal jewel collections around the world, however there’s a long list of other crystals that may have Asterisms. Rubies, Spinel, Garnets and Beryls can all have stars inside of them! The reason why these crystals display this beautiful play of light is due to microscopic needle-like inclusions reflecting the perfect geometry of the crystals they reside inside. The best way that lapidary experts take advantage of the presence of Asterism in a crystal is to carve it into a sphere, or a half-round cabochon so you can see all 4, 6 or more rays reach the ends of the carefully cut stone. Though this doesn't mean all Star Rose Quartz is cut this way! If you have a particularly translucent Rose Quartz palmstone, tumble, or carving; take a trip into the sun with it to see if you can find Stars inside!

Though there's no mistaking the fact that Lavender Rose Quartz is a bit of a mouthful, it is still a variety of Rose Quartz. It’s very unlike Pink Quartz which is colored by completely separate inclusions, and grows in a different manner. The color of Lavender Rose Quartz is simply due to the addition of extra manganese and/or titanium. This gorgeous lavender crystal still grows in the typical Anhedral pattern of all Rose Quartz so it absolutely deserves the Rose Quartz title. Even though some people will shorten its name to simply Lavender Quartz, and though color is an important factor in crystal healing, you’ll still find that most Lavender Rose Quartz shares a very similar energy with the OG Rose Quartz we all know and love.

A large part of deciding if something is Rose Quartz comes from ‘rose’, meaning that the pink color of Rose Quartz is sort of a defining characteristic. Lavender Rose Quartz has a lot of wiggle room due to the fact that lavender and pink are actually very similar colors. There’s some notable debate on whether Blue Rose Quartz is really Rose Quartz, as it often completely lacks pink Dumortierite inclusions. However this doesn’t stop some crystal lovers from calling all differently colored Anhedral varieties of Quartz  by the name ‘Rose Quartz’. There isn’t much harm in calling these family members things like ‘Blue Rose Quartz’ or ‘Black Rose Quartz’ because they are in the same family. These issues are often more subject to personal preference within the geological community, and we encourage you to form your own opinions.

Though Rose Quartz is a relatively common crystal, you may see a large gap in the price of certain pieces. In the gemological community, Rose Quartz can be considered a semi-precious gemstone only if it passes a quality check. The highest grade of Rose Quartz is very translucent with no fractures or visible inclusions and it should have a light or medium pink color. This kind of Rose Quartz can be found even alongside diamonds in many fine jewelry stores. Lower quality Rose Quartz is the more opaque variety, which can be widely found in gift shops and crystal stores. The fact that Rose Quartz can come in so many shades, sizes, and a wide variety of quality is actually a blessing! Connection with a stone varies on the individual level, and having a well known stone like Rose Quartz so widely available makes it easier for everyone to find the right piece (or pieces in some cases) for them! It’s possible you may stumble on a very high quality piece of Rose Quartz along its piers, so be sure to go through your Rose Quartz collection and see if you have any hidden gems!