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Healing - Spirituality - Calming


I choose to live in the only moment where there is life: the present moment.


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Blood has carried a heavy symbolic meaning throughout history. It is the bringer of life, a sign of purity, and carrier of our ancestral powers. Bloodstone is no different, harboring willpower, strength, and courage through its rooted energy. Opening the root chakra, this sometimes red-marked stone focuses you into the present. When we escape our distracted minds, we can come to see reality for what it is. In effect, Bloodstone brings you out of your thoughts that loop you into routine. It can break free the cycle of monotonous chores and foster a sense of rejuvenation. Infusing presence with power, Bloodstone takes you from stumbling around to striving forward. 

Bloodstone is an excellent energy cleanser, immune stimulator and powerful healer. Assists one in acting in the present moment and helps bring spirituality into everyday life. Good for emotional centering and calming - helps stress and aggression.


In ancient cultures, Bloodstone had equal physical and magical power. The dark stone was worn as an amulet to ward off disease and channel the sun’s energy. As history tells, Bloodstone is best worn close to the body. It’s properties generate low frequencies which can dispel negative vibrations within the body. Bloodstone held in the hand fosters presence when you are anxious about the future. Those who have trouble following through can carry Bloodstone to stay on task. Its earth energy shifts the mind from thinking about how far you have to go and instead, drives you to focus at the small step in front of you. Bloodstone is also great for individuals who need to find their inner strength. We all have unique power running through us, we do not have to earn it from others.


Bloodstone rituals center around fire energy. Despite its rooted healing, Bloodstone’s red flecks imbue it with a fiery nature. Fire, much like blood, ignites life into action. Using Bloodstone to manifest desires can be done with a fire ritual. Set a nonflammable bowl (in a safe space outdoors) next to Bloodstone. Write down some of your most burning desires about your future. It is helpful to connect the desire to Bloodstone’s energy. Desires that align with moving on, initiating positive change, or connecting with your true self are amplified by this stone’s fiery properties. Fold the paper and drop it in the fire. Let the flames carry your desires into the spiritual world so that Bloodstone can bring it to life.

Crystal Pairings

Bloodstone and Hematite make a fearsome duo. Most Bloodstone’s red spots are made up of concentrated Hematite. Hematite is the purifying component of Bloodstone’s properties. It cleanses and balances the yin-yang of the soul; activating stability for self discovery. If you truly want to be present, these two dispel fear so that your focus is here and now.