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 Mental Acuity - Clarity - Discernment


I am clear and decisive with my decisions and intentions.


Chemical Formula





Fluorite is like a breath of fresh air after a long winter. Your mind will clear of its fog and your heart reopened to possibilities with this vibrant, attuning stone. Opening the third eye and heart chakra, Fluorite focuses the mind and clears the heart for you to set your house in order. This multi-colored stone helps you decide what is intentional and meaningful and what is blocking you from growth. Seeing the difference can allow you to be certain in your actions and thoughts.  It will aid in your ability to prioritize, organize, and recognize your purpose on a daily basis.

Fluorite comes in a wide variety of colors and is made of cubic or octahedral crystals. Each color can assist you in a different way:

- Green Fluorite absorbs negative energy, accesses intuition, and clears mental confusion

- Blue Fluorite calms energy in the physical body, clears communication, and enhances creativity

- Purple Fluorite stimulates the third eye chakra, excellent for meditation and purification

- Pink Fluorite helps with heart issues (protection, vulnerability, stress, love etc), aids in psychic work

- Yellow Fluorite supports unity while boosting imagination and creativity. Specifically attuned to align one’s will and mind in order to bring thoughts and actions into reality with intention.

- Clear Fluorite aligns the chakras, energizes the aura, harmonizes intellect with spirit and enhances effects of other crystals during healing


Acting as an energizer for your brain, set Fluorite in spaces that require focus and responsibility. Work spaces or home offices can be lightened up with Fluorite’s vibrant presence. All of the mental strain and worry that comes with work is dissolved by its energetic clearing properties. It is also recommended to place it under your pillow to remove all the rushing thoughts that prevent a deep, restful sleep.


We often take in more information than we give away. A simple ritual that can release all the useless chatter of the mind is called a ‘brain dump.’ More specifically, this ritual is known as quick journaling. It can be as long as you’d like or as short as three-minutes. Sit down with a notebook or open a word document on your computer. Place Fluorite in front of you so that its energy can replace the thoughts you write down. In the allotted time, write out whatever thoughts come into your mind. It can be any style or format. It doesn’t have to make sense! The point of this ritual is to dump all of the worthless thoughts that take up precious space before you start or end your day.


How can I step back from feelings of overwhelm to view the bigger picture?

Crystal Pairings

Black Tourmaline and Fluorite are a lovely pair to work with together. Black Tourmaline guards the aura from negative thoughts and false intentions. It also grounds the body, fostering a sense of self-assuredness. Together, these two can both clear the mind and restore it to clarity and focus. They can also help keep you from falling for ill intentions of others because you will know what feels wrong in both body and mind.

Emotional Benefits

- Aids in dispelling confusion, dishonesty, anxiety about future

- Stabilizes emotions

- Helps you understand the effects the mind and emotions have on the body

- Teaches balance in relationships

- Enhances self-confidence

Spiritual Benefits

- Helps with cleansing astral body and stabilizing the aura

- Grounds and integrates Spiritual energies

- Heightens intuition

- Makes you aware of higher spiritual realities

- Can quicken spiritual awakening

- Dissolves illusions/reveals truth


Fluorite in all of its colorful variations is known as a wonderful stone for students, artists, and especially those who suffer from a lack of organized thinking. Part of the reason why Fluorite has gained its crystal meaning of order and clarity is plainly seen in its gorgeous geometric patterns and lovely translucence in color. Fluorite crystals grow in a perfect cubic cluster, and it impresses humanity with the perfection inside each of its rainbow bands; without forcing that perfection upon us. Though they are perfect, they are fragile. If you carry a magical Fluorite crystal as a pocket stone, it’s important to keep their low hardness in mind. A tumbled Fluorite should be kept solely with other tumbled stones, or it's prone to scratching. A raw Fluorite pocket stone shouldn’t be kept in the same pocket as harder raw stones, coins, or metal that might break it. This is simply a warning, not a suggestion to not carry Fluorite! As our guide on the color meaning suggests, Fluorite is an incredibly multifaceted mineral that’s perfect for many occasions!

Sometimes experts in the crystal community get the question: Is it safe to wear Malachite or Bumblebee Jasper? Often people can be concerned about toxic elements inside their gemstone jewelry. This concern about toxicity is mitigated by a polish coating on those particular minerals, keeping us safe from potential irritation.

However when someone is asking us about Fluorite, we aren't concerned about it harming us, but rather us harming our Fluorite! I know too well the feeling of dropping a beloved Fluorite piece, and getting to know first hand about its perfect cleavage. So let’s go over a few key points about our fragile friend Fluorite. Being a 4 on the Mohs Hardness scale makes Fluorite much softer than Quartz, and it requires a little extra care due to that fact. Though Fluorite is incredibly beautiful and you may want to wear it all the time, due so at your own risk. A Fluorite beaded bracelet, like we sell, can be worn with other polished crystal bracelets without any trouble. If you plan on wearing it alongside a metal watch, you should ensure they aren’t hitting against each other frequently. If you're planning on doing some vigorous exercise, taking your Fluorite off first is always recommended. However, if you’re washing your hands the normal amount, a splash of water every now and then won’t ruin your polished Fluorite bracelet. However if you’re taking a swim, we recommend you save your Fluorite jewelry for another occasion. Fluorite is often prone to fading in sunlight as well, so even a dry day on the beach may not be preferable for this ‘evening stone.’ As long as you’re careful, Fluorite can be a gorgeous statement piece with many crystal healing benefits. Treat your Fluorite with care, and it will care for you!

When it comes to larger pieces (like Fluorite points, spheres or clusters) there are a few things to keep in mind. Try to keep your Fluorite crystal somewhere safe where it won’t fall or be knocked over. It's important to keep Fluorite stored somewhere out of the sun, as its myriad of colors can all fade if exposed to too much direct sunlight. Finally try to keep your raw Fluorite somewhere dry, water exposure for prolonged amounts of time isn’t good for your Fluorite! While keeping these rules in mind, some ideal locations for Fluorite can include your office or workspace, a sacred space or altar, or a secure area in your living room! Try to match your desired effect on the space with the color of Fluorite you’ve chosen. Yellow and Green Fluorite may work best in your office space, keeping you clear and inspired to work on your next task. Pink and Blue Fluorite may prefer the space of your living room, where they can help inspire good conversation and relationships with guests. Purple and Clear Fluorite are ideal for a sacred space, helping you connect more deeply with the spiritual side of yourself.

Fluorite is a crystal that is incredibly deserving of being called The Most Colorful Mineral in the World. Fluorite truly can be any color in the rainbow, and a few more, so it would be difficult to get into the scientific explanation for every single color. The basic explanation for these differences in color are the presence and lack of impurities, exposure to radiation while growing, and the absence of voids in the color centers. When it comes to the highly desirable banding property of Fluorite, this is due to the fact that over the ages the conditions under which banded Fluorite specimens grew fluctuated heavily. This variation in growth becomes a beautiful crystal, whether its sharp bands of green, blue, and purple or even candy Fluorite’s lovely gradient of yellows, pinks, and more.