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Clearing - Cleansing - Healing


The energy of the Universe flows through me. I connect to this Divine flow of energy and allow it to bring healing, positivity and resources into my life.


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Quartz is known as the master healer, because it channels any energy, and so helps any condition. It is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier because of its unique crystalline form. It improves quality of life by making you feel happier and re-energized, while bringing your body back into balance. It also attunes you to your spiritual purpose.

Quartz is a stone whose main purpose and intention is to ground the Spiritual into the physical realm. It is a powerful stone because its clear color gives it access to all of your chakras. There is no Shadow this stone cannot touch and, as I learned, it will. If there is a wound, Quartz will reach out to touch it. It is powerful yet gentle. It sees all, nothing is hidden from its healing.


Keep in your workspace to help amplify energy, focus, and provide clarity. Wearing and carrying Quartz can help cleanse your energetic body and psychic debris.


If you are new to crystal healing, we invite you to work with this powerful stone on its own allowing it to clear all of your chakras and help bring you back into alignment. Work with this affirmation: The energy of the Universe flows through me. I connect to this Divine flow of energy and allow it to bring healing, positivity and resources into my life. As you cleanse your energetic field, you will be able to connect more deeply to your Heart and truth and find your Soul’s intention for being here on this Earth at this time.

For our crystal veterans, we invite you to add other crystals into your Quartz healing practice working with its ability to amplify intentions. There are many ways to do this. If you feel called to heal your Heart chakra and practice self-forgiveness you might work with Rose Quartz alongside your Quartz to deepen this healing. Another way you might add other crystals to your Quartz practice is by creating a crystal grid. With a quartz point at the center of your grid, choose other stones that reflect your intention. For example an Abundance grid may have a centralized Quartz point with surrounding Green Aventurine, Citrine, and Green Opal.


The origin of the word "Quartz" is from the Greek word meaning "ice." Ancients believed this stone was ice frozen so hard it could never thaw.

In Japanese culture, Quartz was referred to as "the perfect jewel" as they viewed it as a symbol of infinite space, patience, and purity.

Australian and South American creation myths use the image of a "cosmic or rainbow serpent" as the giver of life who was guided by a Quartz crystal associating it with its healing properties.

While in Scotland and Ireland, Quartz crystals were long used to cure cattle of various diseases.

With its history, it is no wonder Quartz is a primary stone in healing practices today. Its clear color naturally amplifies intentions from the heart of the user as well as other stones it is used in communion with it.


Quartz crystals are used in watches because they are very stable and have a very precise frequency. This means that they can be used to keep very accurate time. The quartz crystal is cut into a specific shape and then placed in an electronic circuit. When an electric current is applied to the crystal, it vibrates at a very precise frequency. This vibration is then used to keep time.

Quartz watches are much more accurate than mechanical watches. They are also more reliable and require less maintenance.

Quartz crystals are composed of silicon and oxygen atoms. The chemical formula is SiO2. Quartz is a very stable mineral and is not easily dissolved in water. It is also resistant to acids and bases. Quartz crystals are piezoelectric, which means that they can generate an electric charge when they are compressed or stretched. This property is used in many electronic devices, such as quartz watches and oscillators. Quartz is a mineral, not a rock. Quartz can sometimes be found inside of geode. 

Quartz has been used for centuries for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Jewelry: Quartz is a popular gemstone and has been used to make jewelry for thousands of years.
  • Clocks and watches: Quartz crystals are used in quartz clocks and watches because they are very stable and have a very precise frequency.
  • Electronics: Quartz crystals are used in a variety of electronic devices, such as oscillators, filters, and resonators.
  • Industry: Quartz is used in a variety of industrial applications, such as cutting tools, abrasives, and piezoelectric devices.
  • Building materials: Quartz is used in a variety of building materials, such as countertops, flooring, and tiles.

Quartz is found in many parts of the world, but it is most commonly found in igneous and metamorphic rocks. It is also found in some sedimentary rocks, such as sandstone and shale. Quartz is a very common mineral, and it is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust. The most abundant mineral in the Earth's crust is feldspar. It makes up about 60% of the Earth's crust. Quartz makes up about 12% of the Earth’s crust.

Quartz is formed when silicon dioxide (SiO2) is heated and pressurized deep within the Earth's crust. The heat and pressure cause the silicon dioxide to melt and then crystallize into quartz. Quartz can also be formed when silica-rich magma or lava cools and solidifies.

Quartz is a powerful tool, often loved for meditation. It can be used to focus the mind, promote relaxation, and connect with the spiritual realm.

To use quartz in meditation, simply hold a piece of quartz in your hand or place it near you during your meditation. Focus your attention on the quartz and allow its energy to flow through you. You may also want to visualize the quartz as a clear channel of light connecting you to the source of all being.

Quartz can be used for a variety of different meditation practices. It can be used to focus the mind during mindfulness meditation, to promote relaxation during guided meditation, or to connect with the spiritual realm during energy work.

Quartz is a versatile and powerful tool that can be used to enhance any meditation practice.

Quartz does not always grow in clusters. It can also grow as single crystals, or as aggregates of crystals. The way quartz grows depends on the conditions in which it forms.

Quartz is commonly found in the following formations:

  • Igneous rocks: Quartz is one of the most common minerals in igneous rocks, which are formed when magma or lava cools and solidifies.
  • Metamorphic rocks: Quartz is also a common mineral in metamorphic rocks, which are formed when existing rocks are subjected to heat and pressure.
  • Sedimentary rocks: Quartz can also be found in sedimentary rocks, which are formed when sediment is deposited and compacted over time.
  • Geodes: Quartz is often found in geodes, which are hollow rocks that are filled with crystals.

Quartz has been used in jewelry for centuries. Some of the earliest examples of quartz jewelry date back to the Neolithic period. Quartz was often used in beads and pendants, and it was also used to make amulets and other magical objects.

Quartz is still used in jewelry today, and it is a popular choice for both men and women. It is available in a variety of colors and shapes, and it can be set in a variety of metals. Quartz is a beautiful and versatile stone that can be used to create a wide range of jewelry designs.