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My heart is pure and my aura is aligned. I am attracting gentleness, strength, and inner peace.


Chemical Formula





Celestite helps you tap into psychic abilities and conscious awareness. With its high vibration, this icy blue stone channels divine messages and signs into your physical awareness. Opening the crown and third eye, Celestite clears the mind so you are able to recognize spiritual hints. These spiritual hints can range from images, dreams, and repeating patterns left by spirit. The etheric chakra which connects the divine to the mind, is opened as well with Celestite. An open etheric chakra reunites your logic with divinity; sensing spiritual hints and understanding their intention. Following Celestite’s guidance leads you on your destined path, making life more meaningful, satisfying, and fulfilling.


Celestite can be used in meditation for mediumship or holistic healing of others. Held in the palm, this blue beauty can calm disruptions and anxiety. When you keep Celestite around, you’re able to see through the facade of others. You can be a more compassionate and understanding friend and family member when Celestite is close. In effect, others around you will feel the healing of Celestite’s vibration.


To connect with Celestite, use it during any spiritual practices that connects you to spirit. A great way to open up to spirit is vocal meditation. Sit with Celestite in hand and begin deep breathing. When you feel your mind is calm, ask your spirit guides for a message. Ask three times for what you need to know right now.Allow in any images and words that come to mind without analysis. These “hints” are spirit giving you messages you need to know. Take some time afterward to decipher the images and words through research. It may be an important message you have been overlooking.

Crystal Pairings

Celestite pairs well with amplification crystals. Together, Clear Quartz and Celestite open a channel for the divine to fully heal and reveal itself to you. Any facades and lies that cover the truth will be unveiled. Any obstacles you subconsciously create to resist change will dissolve. Celestite and Clear Quartz are a power duo for you to see the bigger picture of your life.