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Green Aventurine

Creativity - Good Luck - Prosperity 


I attract abundance in my career, relationships and life.


Chemical Formula





Green Aventurine is the bringer of good fortune. Its green glow radiates abundance, growth, and prosperity like an overgrown garden. A heart healer stone, Green Aventurine works magic on hard and broken hearts. Its healing energy absorbs negative energies around your heart; releasing conditions on love, belief, and desire. This effect can foster a change in how you approach love, your dreams, and your self worth. Envy finds no home in a heart healed by Green Aventurine. Any show of success or abundance through others becomes a sign that you too, can receive it as long as you are open to it.


People who are ready to shake hands with success are those who practice seeing opportunity in otherwise unusual places. When Green Aventurine is kept close, you can open your heart to seeing the magic in the mundane. Old ventures may take new shape when you take another look. Carry Green Aventurine when your heart needs a boost of confidence and joy. Dreams feel closer by way of renewed belief when Green Aventurine is in hand. It is also a great manifesting tool, so hold Green Aventurine tightly when you are visualizing and planning steps toward your vision.


Dreams solidified in writing makes them one step closer to reality. With your Green Aventurine sitting in front of you, scribble down your dreams. These statements should be definitive; such as a five-bedroom home, a salary of x amount, etc.No goal needs conditions that describe how.Green Aventurine will open your heart to the opportunities to get to your dreams as long as you construct them. Also, I want/will have/am going to get statementsdrive the dream further into the future. You want to make your dreams look like a grocery list, writing them down as if it only takes walking into the store to grab them off the shelf.


Green Aventurine is a chameleon stone! Depending on its impurities, it changes color. The green in Aventurine is caused by Fuchsite particles. Hematite contained in Aventurine changes it to red. Often, minerals within minerals are called ‘inclusions.’ However, most inclusions are pieces that do not blend with its pair. Aventurine is unique in that the tiny particles of one stone changes its color completely.