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Abundance Crystal Set

What you put into the Universe will always come back to you. Use this crystal set to raise your vibration and allow abundance to easily flow into your life.
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Crystal sizes: approximately 0.75-1"

Includes the following crystals, corresponding meaning cards, and drawstring bag:

  • 1 Green Aventurine tumbled stone

  • 1 Jade tumbled stone (may be substituted with Nephrite Jade due to availability)

  • 1 Green Opal raw chunk

  • 1 Pyrite cluster (may be tumbled due to availability)

  • 1 Emerald tumbled stone (may be raw due to availability)

Note: You will not receive the exact stones pictured, but stones of the same quality and similar appearance. See photos for examples of variety.


  • Green Aventurine - CREATIVITY, GOOD LUCK, PROSPERITY- I attract abundance in my career, relationships and life

  • Jade - GOOD LUCK, FRIENDSHIP, CLEANSING -I am surrounded by beauty and abundance.

  • Green Opal - CHANGE, RELATIONSHIPS, ABUNDANCE - I am connected to the endless abundance of the universe.

  • Pyrite - DETOX, ENERGY, SELF-WORTH - I am assertive, persistent, and ambitious. I am balanced and harmonious.

  • Emerald - FRIENDSHIP, COMPASSION, ABUNDANCE - My compassionate heart allows me to relate to other with peace, understanding, love and forgiveness.