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Divine Love - Surrender - Peace


I am at peace and allow Divine Love to enter through my heart.


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A healer of the heart, Morganite is a powerful heart chakra stone. Morganite releases negativity from the heart space and channels relaxing energy in. This peachy-pink stone relieves persistent heartache and worry. In its place, compassion, calm, and love find room to grow. Morganite is a wonderful stone for those who have suffered loss, trauma, or losing a loved one. Simply holding this stone lifts the spirits and helps you move on with confidence.

Morganite is a stone of beautiful Divine Love. Connecting the crown chakra to the heart, it will help us become aware of the Divine Love that surrounds us and brings an abundance of love into our lives, helping us reflect that love into our thoughts and actions. There is a sense of surrender that comes with working with Morganite, with its energy we become aware of emotional patterns, suppressed feelings, and forgotten trauma and release it with ease.


Morganite works well as a close contact healer. Like a best friend, Morganite in your pocket or in hand reminds you of your courage and strength when love is lost. When you feel alone or heart broken, Morganite reminds you that you can be your own supporter. It's soft pink energy acts as a symbol of tough love, pushing you to be steadfast in moving beyond pain. It is recommended to switch out Morganite after a few days for a grounding stone such as Onyx or Black Obsidian. These will protect your open heart from picking up negative energies around you.


Meditation with Morganite can foster compassion and love for yourself and others. If you struggle with judgment, negativity, or mistrust, meditate with Morganite close to your heart. Lie down in a soft, dim space. Hold Morganite to your heart. Breath in its pink light rays. Let the light wrap around your heart, pushing out any dark, heavy energies. Think of this process like a glass of light pouring into your heart. The empty spaces become washed in a bright pink glow. Imagine the energy of unconditional love. Carry that loving spirit to those who you want to show more gratitude and understanding toward.

Crystal Pairings

It may be difficult opening up your heart right away. Morganite can be amplified with other heart chakras stones during meditation or in crystal grids. Rose Quartz and Pink Opal foster Morganite’s overall loving state. Green Calcite or Green Jade help Morganite dispel negative energy and rejuvenate with balance, vitality, and joy for life.