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Cleansing - Meditation - Gentleness


I am gentle with my thinking. I am at peace.


Chemical Formula





Known for its cleansing abilities, Selenite is the guidance for a busy mind. It’s calming effects instill deep peace, making it great for meditation. Its fast and effective at cleansing the auric field, it can clear congested energies or negativity from ones physical etheric body. 

This milky-white crystal channels energy into the crown and etheric chakras. The etheric chakras is the center above the crown, connecting the aura between earth and universe. Often, this connection becomes cloudy by distractions, fear, and lies we tell ourselves. Selenite breaks through the veil we hide behind and focuses us on our truth. It's divine power gives a boost to your ideas, dreams, and thoughts. Any unintentional action or idea is brought before your conscious and re-evaluated from a higher perspective. In this effect, you can be certain your motivations are aligned with your true path, and not old wounds or false narratives.


Selenite is a cleanser of its surroundings. No matter person, place, or thing, this crystalline stone clears negativity all around it. The best placement for Selenite is near other crystals to refresh their properties. For protection stones especially, Selenite can remove the dense energies they collect from people and places. Protection stones such as Jet, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian are cleared of old energies next to Selenite. Setting this moon-colored stone next to your bedside can enhance dreams from angels and relieve you of thoughts that hinder sleeping. It can aid in nightmares and bring messages from the divine while your mind rests.


Selenite is the perfect crystal for space cleansing rituals. Palo Santo and cleansing wands are often wrapped with Selenite for its abilities to dispel negative energies. To clear stuffy rooms after a long winter or during weekly cleaning, open any windows so the energy has room to move. Light your cleansing wand in one hand and hold Selenite in another. Waft the two around each room until you feel that it has been cleansed by smoke and stone. Speak a clearing mantra out loud such as, “Clear this space of old energies that are no longer the highest good.” Finish your ritual by lighting a candle; bringing the final element of fire to burn off residual negative energies.

Water Soluble

Keep your Selenite in a safe dry place! Selenite is formed from gypsum which is a soft sulfate mineral. As a sulfate mineral, Selenite is composed of salts of the earth. Like all salt, Selenite is water-soluble and can dissolve if handled with wet hands or placed in water.