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Cleansing - Meditation - Gentleness


I am gentle with my thinking. I am at peace.


Chemical Formula





Known for its cleansing abilities, Selenite is the guidance for a busy mind. It’s calming effects instill deep peace, making it great for meditation. Its fast and effective at cleansing the auric field, it can clear congested energies or negativity from ones physical etheric body. 

This milky-white crystal channels energy into the crown and etheric chakras. The etheric chakras is the center above the crown, connecting the aura between earth and universe. Often, this connection becomes cloudy by distractions, fear, and lies we tell ourselves. Selenite breaks through the veil we hide behind and focuses us on our truth. It's divine power gives a boost to your ideas, dreams, and thoughts. Any unintentional action or idea is brought before your conscious and re-evaluated from a higher perspective. In this effect, you can be certain your motivations are aligned with your true path, and not old wounds or false narratives.


Selenite is a cleanser of its surroundings. No matter person, place, or thing, this crystalline stone clears negativity all around it. The best placement for Selenite is near other crystals to refresh their properties. For protection stones especially, Selenite can remove the dense energies they collect from people and places. Protection stones such as Jet, Black Tourmaline, and Obsidian are cleared of old energies next to Selenite. Setting this moon-colored stone next to your bedside can enhance dreams from angels and relieve you of thoughts that hinder sleeping. It can aid in nightmares and bring messages from the divine while your mind rests.


Selenite is the perfect crystal for space cleansing rituals. Palo Santo and cleansing wands are often wrapped with Selenite for its abilities to dispel negative energies. To clear stuffy rooms after a long winter or during weekly cleaning, open any windows so the energy has room to move. Light your cleansing wand in one hand and hold Selenite in another. Waft the two around each room until you feel that it has been cleansed by smoke and stone. Speak a clearing mantra out loud such as, “Clear this space of old energies that are no longer the highest good.” Finish your ritual by lighting a candle; bringing the final element of fire to burn off residual negative energies.

Water Soluble

Keep your Selenite in a safe dry place! Selenite is formed from gypsum which is a soft sulfate mineral. As a sulfate mineral, Selenite is composed of salts of the earth. Like all salt, Selenite is water-soluble and can dissolve if handled with wet hands or placed in water.


Selenite is another ancient crystal well loved for its unique and magical appearance. The first Selenite crystal was discovered so long ago that there is no accurate written recording!  A companion to humanity throughout the thousands of years since its first discovery, Selenite is a true blessing to us all. Long before modern understanding of Selenite crystals healing properties, ancient Egyptians used these gypsum crystals for decoration with the innate understanding of their powerful cleansing energy. It is rumored that the ancient Egyptians buried their sacred dead with Selenite in order to help guide them through the process of rebirth. 

As for the name Selenite: that can be attributed to the ancient Greeks. The name Selenite actually translates to Moon Stone, ironic for those who adore the modern feldspar mineral Moonstone. There are rumors that they believed that Selenite was so deeply tied to the moon that would shift along with the lunar phases. In fact, Selenite in modern times is often carved into spheres which resemble the glowing white surface of our native moon. The chatoyancy of Selenite spheres can often resemble a crescent, waxing or full moon. Even today we honor Selenite’s tie to lunar energy with its association to moon-ruled Cancers. Some crystal lovers even believe that leaving Selenite in the light of the full moon can supercharge it’s natural cleansing and charging energy! 

Selenite is a crystal well known for cleansing in all areas of life. Whether you’re looking to cleanse your home, your chakras, or even your other crystals you can always rely on Selenite with its incredibly powerful white light energy. Selenite is a staple crystal to keep in any collection for this reason, however it does possess a myriad of other properties that make it a dream to keep in your collection. Selenite has a peaceful and gentle energy, guiding you towards your highest good. Like a beacon of soft full moon light, Selenite shines its calming and relaxing energy on everything in its presence.

If you’re looking to first begin using Selenite in your crystal healing practices, a simple first step is to find an area of your life where you require an energetic reset. Let's say that while you’re at work you find yourself downtrodden, you may have a lot of negative energy surrounding you during work hours and that may even travel into other areas of your life. Start wearing a Selenite bracelet, or bring a Selenite tumble in an unused pocket. When you find yourself beginning to reflect negativity outwardly, touch your Selenite with your fingertips and envision a white glow surrounding you. Think, or speak softly, to yourself: I allow the Selenite to cleanse my aura, I am stepping into the energy of the Selenite.Envision a glow of silvery white light surrounding you, and act as though just like Selenite you are also a beacon of cleansing light, unaffected by outside energy.

Whether your Selenite crystal is shaped into bowls for easily cleansing other jewelry after a long day, shaped into a perfectly polished sphere or shaped as a classic raw stepped tower, its gentle energy will affect you in the same way. However each Selenite crystal is shaped affects how the energy is dispersed into your space. This is true of all crystals, and though Selenite is certainly incredible it is no exception to the roles of shapes. There is an incredible blog on our website Different Crystal Shapes: Their Energy, Meaning, And Uses For Everyday, which goes over just about every shape that a crystal can be. Despite this, I will offer a few excellent examples of classic Selenite shapes and where they’ll be most comfortable in your home.

The first and perhaps most quintessential shape of Selenite is a raw wand. This gypsum crystal flakes like hay, and when split creates very often perfect, long wand-like shapes that are further refined into well sized wands. These wands are more fragile than fully polished wands, however they are incredibly popular due to their low price and natural feel! I highly recommend using these wands to cleanse apartments or air-bnbs where smoke cleansing is highly frowned upon. Follow the ritual from the Selenite meaning page to cleanse any space in a jiffy, no flames required.

Raw Selenite crystal towers are also incredibly popular, and have the added benefit of radiating the cleansing energy of Selenite all throughout a room. Spilling from the top like a water fountain and filling the surrounding area with the gentle and misty white energy of Selenite, large or small these towers are just the thing to put in spaces with a lot of foot traffic. They’re a stunning visual statement, incredibly affordable, and have the added benefit of being able to sit on any table or shelf outside the reach of tiny fingers and toe beans. Place Selenite towers in living rooms accompanied by Clear Quartz and Sodalite, kitchens accompanied with Carnelian and Rose Quartz, dining rooms accompanied by Amethyst and Black Tourmaline. There is no end to the combinations and locations for Selenite towers! However they do prefer a dry environment so only take them into the bathroom to sit outside the tub during a long soak, we don’t recommend them as a restroom statement piece.

Selenite spheres have had a sudden surge of popularity, and we can’t blame you all! A soft crystal perfect for carving, Selenite can be cut and polished into most shapes if the structure takes into account its fragility. Selenite spheres display incredible chatoyance, and to boot the sphere is a shape which projects a crystal’s energy throughout the entire space! We highly recommend the sphere shape for spaces which consistently house a high amount of spiritual energy. This area may be around an altar space, or even by your bedside where you can be experiencing high vibrational dreams. A Selenite sphere will project an element of calm and healing that is vital for meditation, and also promotes an environment for not only peaceful but also potentially lucid dreams!

If this particular FAQ is the first place you’re even hearing of Satin Spar v Selenite, you’re not alone. For the longest time in the spiritual and crystal community these crystals were known as simply one and the same. In truth, distinguishing between these two similar varieties of gypsum is more of a difference in sales terminology than chemical composition. In truth, Satin Spar, Selenite, Desert Rose, and Gypsum flower are all the same crystal just in different growth patterns! Your bright, white Selenite wand that you’ve had since the start of your collection still possesses the same incredible healing properties it always has. The clear Selenite variety is lovely, glassy and transparent, but it still touts the same properties of all Selenite varieties. We often offer both varieties of Selenite, and present the same meaning card with each Selenite.

Depending on when you first received your Selenite/Satin Spar, this differentiation may not have even been in the mind of the small crystal shop you first purchased it from. As always, never be afraid to ask all of the questions in your inquisitive minds. 

There are few other minerals quite as soft as a Selenite stone, so many may believe that it is impractical to wear Selenite as jewelry. However this is untrue, many soft and fragile crystals are used in gorgeous jewelry. Even raw Selenite can become beautiful and powerful talismans if they’re properly crafted and carefully worn! Wearing Selenite will help you keep a peaceful demeanor in stressful situations, combat outside negativity, and keep your mind focused on your highest good. All of these benefits may be enough to convince you to wear your Selenite as jewelry too!

The Selenite bracelets we offer are an excellent example of practical Selenite jewelry. Selenite beads are carefully polished and drilled in order to maintain their structural integrity, and can be worn simply as a stretch beaded bracelet. The polishing of Selenite helps keep it more water resistant, but we recommend taking your crystal bracelets off in extremely wet environments! 

Pendants can be crafted from neatly sliced pieces of raw Selenite, often secured in a metal setting and accompanied with a small accent cabochon. If you’re crafty and looking to make your own Selenite Pendant, I would recommend using either a Selenite stone that has been tumbled, or a neatly cut mini Selenite wand. Wrapping these pieces in a macrame or wire will create a beautiful chatoyant pendant, perfect for a soul in need of guidance and cleansing energy! 

So long as you are being careful and gentle with your Selenite, it should hold up well even as jewelry!