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Apatite comes in a variety of colors but it is commonly a bright ocean blue with crackled texture. Its bright blue glow activates the higher chakras of the throat and third eye. When Apatite engages the throat and third eye, clarity, wisdom, and expression come through. You will speak with certainty and be able to filter your thoughts before you speak them. Apatite creates a measured expression that is steeped in truth. This ability to speak honestly and respectfully will create a kinder environment around you as others’ feel welcomed by Apatite’s graceful energy.

An inspirational stone that lights the way to achieving goals. Clears confusion, cleanses the aura and increases creativity, motivation and personal power.


Set Apatite under your pillow or bedside. Sleeping next to it can aid in your mental clarity overnight. Apatite will balance your negative thoughts, clear them, and filter in divine wisdom through dreams. It can also make you feel refreshed in the morning as it dispels subconscious mental clutter. Stay aware of the dreams you have when Apatite is near; they may be messages of truth for your journey.


Any expressive practice works well with Apatite’s healing properties. Writing and speaking out loud activates the throat and third eye chakras. Set Apatite on a desk as you write out any issues you have with self-image, self-worth, or trouble with socializing. Clear the mind through a “writing dump” until you feel you’ve written it all out. Fold it up and set Apatite on top. Its energy will take the burden from you and give you truths in exchange. You may find clarity about your strengths or steps to expressing yourself easier in social settings.


Apatite comes in a variety of colors. Due to its varying mineral composition, Apatite can be blue, yellow, green, violet, or pink. Phosphorus, calcium, and fluoride change the color according to how much of each mineral a specimen contains. Some Apatite contains one or the other completely, resulting in the rainbow of hues it can exhibit. This color variation also affects its healing properties, making each color a special energetic vibration.