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Third Eye Chakra Crystal Set

Use this crystal set to activate your Third Eye Chakra.
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The Third Eye chakra rules over our intuition, dreams, awareness, and wisdom. It guides our ability to think, analyze, and form reason.

Crystal sizes: approximately 1"

Includes the following crystals, corresponding meaning cards, and drawstring bag:

  • 1 Amethyst tumbled stone

  • 1 Labradorite tumbled stone

  • 1 Blue Apatite tumbled stone

  • 1 Dumortierite tumbled stone

Note: You will not receive the exact stones pictured, but stones of the same quality and similar appearance. See photos for examples of variety.


  • AMETHYST - PROTECTION, MEDITATION, CALMING- I am calm, peaceful and relaxed in my mind, body and soul.

  • LABRADORITE - PROTECTION, ADVENTURE, BALANCE- I believe in my inner magic and know I can manifest my dreams into reality.

  • BLUE APATITE - KNOWLEDGE, INTUITION, MANIFESTATION- I find inspiration in deep connection to my intuition.

  • DUMORTIERITE - MENTAL DISCIPLINE, WILLPOWER, INNOVATION- I am open to receiving information from my Higher Self and I will use this information for the greater good for all.