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I am securely grounded in my body, connecting me to my strength and vitality.


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Fortitude is the key word of Garnet. When the night grows cold and the lights go out, Garnet finds a way. Channeling its energy through the root chakra, this maroon gem fosters stability, self control, and action. It provides adaptation to obstacles on the way to personal achievement. Any crisis can be faced head on with Garnet; keeping you on your foot and charging forward. Not only does it move you to make decisions, it keeps you there. Known as the strongest life force stone, Garnet sustains momentum through commitment, hope, and passion. For this, it transcends the root chakra and ignites both the sacral and solar plexus as well.


Anyone changing jobs, going back to school, or starting new ventures can benefit from Garnet. Set in an office or studio, Garnet channels equalizing energy into the space. This effect can dispel distractions, negative thoughts, and disbelief. Your work will become your only focus in a room with Garnet. Its stable vibration evens out inconsistent thoughts and roller coaster emotions. Set it in a space near the sun so that its red hue can inspire you to stay the course. Psychologically, red is a color that signals passion, drive, and courage. These powers lie within Garnet and spread throughout whatever space it lives.


In times of crisis, we look in any direction in hopes someone will save us. Garnet is our tough love hero, pulling us up on our feet and telling us it's our responsibility. More importantly, it’s reminding us that we have the strength to take control. Meditating with Garnet is about rerooting into our power. Lie down with Garnet in hand or resting on your chest. Feel its weight against you. Imagine its red hue lighting up all of your veins and coursing through your body. Envision this light molding armor around your arms and legs, creating a helmet of red gold. You are the hero of your story. Let Garnet be the symbol of your inner strength. It is there when you feel hopeless as much as it is there when you feel courageous.


Garnet is the Capricorn zodiac stone. Capricorn’s archetype, the sea goat, is known for finding stability in difficult situations. It can climb the steepest mountain and swim the turbulent seas. Its pragmatic, grounded personality finds a foothold in chaos, making it easier to stay on a steady path. Garnet harnesses this mountain climber spirit.


Garnets are an incredibly grounding and practical stone, perfect for those of us who wish to remain consistent in all realms of life. Whether it’s love, work, or health; Garnet is a solid pillar to stand upon if you’re looking for stability. For romance, if you’re finding yourself or your loved one to be a little too flighty when it comes to partnership (in all senses of the word) try placing Garnet in your shared spaces. Placing a Garnet statement piece in the bedroom can not only boost your physical connection with one another, but also ground your relationship and help to cement it. Meditation with Garnet can be particularly helpful for those who aren’t certain of where their relationship is going, and journaling about your relationship goals with a Garnet at hand will help solidify those plans for the future! If you’re at an open point in your relationship, joint meditation with Garnet could also be beneficial, for both physical and practical relationship issues. At work, Garnet can be a great companion for those who are prone to daydreaming. There will always be a time and a place for the whimsical, but when you need to be present minded and capable, keep one of these precious stones in your back pocket. If you feel bogged down physically at work, pair your Garnet with Carnelian to get your energy boosted in the right direction! If you feel mentally bogged down, Arfvedsonite (which often has Garnet inclusions) and Garnet will help you maintain your poker face and help keep you pragmatic in the workplace. If you’re interested in starting and maintaining a regime for your health, consult first with licensed professionals to help guide you on what kind of routine you should build for yourself. Pair good food, practical exercise, and a healthy mindset with Garnet. This is a stone that wants to help you build the foundation of every facet of your life, and make it rock solid. Pairing Garnet again with Carnelian can be a great way to boost your drive for self improvement, but the calming hand of Howlite can help offset these physically motivating crystal energies. This trio will help you remain healthy in the ways that can be overlooked by societal pressures today, which is your mental health. 

Garnet is best known as being the birthstone of January, a dark rich red that is unlike the vibrant red of the July birthstone Ruby. These wine red Garnets are most often Almandine, which is the most abundant and accessible kind of Garnet currently available. However Almandine Garnets are far from the only kind of Garnet, in fact if we were to go into painstaking detail, the list of differentiations made between different Garnet varieties would go on for quite some time! So let’s just start with the simple question, what colors can a Garnet be other than red? Garnet has the ability to be most colors, pink, orange, yellow, green, and very rarely it can be blue or purple (technically.) 

To simplify, let’s take a look at a few key varieties of this secretly colorful gemstone. The main differentiation between Garnets is their unique chemical compositions. The first Garnet varieties that we’ll mention are all aluminum silicate Garnets. Let’s stay on the red vein of the ROYGBIV where we have the close sibling to Almandine Garnet: Pyrope. This variety of Garnet is also a rich red color, though typically a more blood red than wine red. The difference between these two Garnet varieties is of a chemical nature, Almandine Garnet is colored by Magnesium, where Pyrope Garnet gains its color thanks to Iron. In between these two is another aluminum silicate Garnet called Rhodolite, which has a mixture of Iron and Magnesium in its chemical composition. Typically Rhodolite Garnets are a lovely red, pink, or rarely a warm orchid purple that is highly desirable. Another mixed metal Garnet is Spessartine, which is often vibrantly orange and is rarely found in gorgeous etched formations unlike most other kinds of Garnet.

The calcium silicate varieties of Garnet are especially varied in color, and can be almost any color. Hessonite Garnets are a staple of this category often called cinnamon stone, and come in a typically subdued orange color. Leading our way down the ROYGBIV road right down to yellow, Mali Garnets have no competition in being the most vibrant lemon yellow Garnet you can get your hands on! Mali Garnets are actually a mix breed between a few different varieties, but this gorgeous citrus gemstone fetches a pretty penny due to the fact that they were only ever sourced from Mali in 1994. Their green sibling Tsavorite is a discovery from just 1967, and is a gorgeous neon lime green color. 

Though this is nowhere near the end of all of the kinds of Garnet you can add to your collection, we’ve gotten through almost the entire rainbow with just these varieties! I feel as though this segment should be wrapped up with a few especially cool Garnet specimens, for those fearless enough to take on the challenge of collecting them all. First I’d like to mention the Garnet which completes our rainbow journey with the rarest color a Garnet can be: blue. Blue Color-Change Garnet is one of nature’s many wonders, a gemstone that changes colors in different lighting. These precious gems are stunningly teal indoors, but shift to a classic wine red color in sunlight much in the same way Alexandrite does! Blue Color-Change Garnets are almost exclusively found as faceted gemstones and quite often fetch a price in the 5 figure range, so they’re a fine gemstone collector’s dream! If you’re looking for a rare Garnet specimen that’s unfaceted and natural, why not go for a Rainbow Garnet? Rainbow Garnets are simple Grossular-Andradite Garnets with a gorgeous phenomenon, found in very few locations around the world, they have a thin layer of iridescence on the surface of their crystal faces. These Garnet crystals (also known as Iridescent Garnet) are a dream for collectors with a passion for plays of light within the structure of their favorite gemstones, and though they can be a bit pricey they’re nowhere near the expense of adding a Blue Color-Change Garnet to your collection!

Garnet jewelry pieces make the perfect gifts for so many different kinds of people! Capricorns, January babies, and year of the Rat babies are all united by this shockingly gorgeous stone. Most often in its deeply rich red color, Garnet jewelry is easily accessible and often much less pricey than some of the other gemstones that sit upon the birthstone roster. However, even those who don’t fall into previously mentioned categories can fall in love with Garnet jewelry. It’s a hardy 6.5-7.5 on the Mohs scale, meaning it should be just perfect for rings, earrings, pendants, or even beaded bracelets. Garnet jewelry can be worn mostly indiscriminately, as it’s non-water soluble, however it is prone to fading under direct sunlight. Garnet jewelry is best kept for indoor and evening wear, which is appropriate for a dark and moody looking stone like Almandine or Pyrope Garnet. However a savvy Garnet lover, like perhaps the January born Capricorn writing this particular Q&A, might suggest looking into the countless options for Garnet jewelry. If you’re looking for a Garnet jewelry piece that speaks to you, or a loved one, think first of what color gemstone would be your preference. You can find a lovely piece of Garnet jewelry in most any color, though most accessible in red Almandine Garnet. If you’re more interested in the green spectrum, Grossular Green Garnet is a bit harder to find, but still in a very reasonable price range as beaded bracelets or necklaces! If you’re looking for a fine jewelry piece, Garnet gemstones can come in most any color. These more colorful varieties of Garnet are typically considered to be precious gemstones rather than semi-precious gemstones, so colorful Garnets will often fetch a much higher price, depending on their rarity.