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Energizing - Cleansing - Courage


I am securely grounded in my body, connecting me to my strength and vitality.


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Fortitude is the key word of Garnet. When the night grows cold and the lights go out, Garnet finds a way. Channeling its energy through the root chakra, this maroon gem fosters stability, self control, and action. It provides adaptation to obstacles on the way to personal achievement. Any crisis can be faced head on with Garnet; keeping you on your foot and charging forward. Not only does it move you to make decisions, it keeps you there. Known as the strongest life force stone, Garnet sustains momentum through commitment, hope, and passion. For this, it transcends the root chakra and ignites both the sacral and solar plexus as well.


Anyone changing jobs, going back to school, or starting new ventures can benefit from Garnet. Set in an office or studio, Garnet channels equalizing energy into the space. This effect can dispel distractions, negative thoughts, and disbelief. Your work will become your only focus in a room with Garnet. Its stable vibration evens out inconsistent thoughts and roller coaster emotions. Set it in a space near the sun so that its red hue can inspire you to stay the course. Psychologically, red is a color that signals passion, drive, and courage. These powers lie within Garnet and spread throughout whatever space it lives.


In times of crisis, we look in any direction in hopes someone will save us. Garnet is our tough love hero, pulling us up on our feet and telling us it's our responsibility. More importantly, it’s reminding us that we have the strength to take control. Meditating with Garnet is about rerooting into our power. Lie down with Garnet in hand or resting on your chest. Feel its weight against you. Imagine its red hue lighting up all of your veins and coursing through your body. Envision this light molding armor around your arms and legs, creating a helmet of red gold. You are the hero of your story. Let Garnet be the symbol of your inner strength. It is there when you feel hopeless as much as it is there when you feel courageous.


Garnet is the Capricorn zodiac stone. Capricorn’s archetype, the sea goat, is known for finding stability in difficult situations. It can climb the steepest mountain and swim the turbulent seas. Its pragmatic, grounded personality finds a foothold in chaos, making it easier to stay on a steady path. Garnet harnesses this mountain climber spirit.