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Black Obsidian

Protection - Grounding - Cleansing


I am cleansed of negativity and my Heart is aligned and grounded into the Earth.


Chemical Formula





Obsidian is the shield of the soul. Known as the protector stone, Obsidian plates your aura in armor and keeps you grounded. Empowering the root chakra, this jet-black stone ties you to your physical form so that awareness and presence takes hold. In effect, Obsidian’s vibration creates a boundary between the outside noise and your own inner peace. It is also a deflector, dispelling sporadic, flighty, or untruthful energies from others and the surroundings close to you.

Black Obsidian assists in the release of disharmony including resentment of others, fear, and anger. Great for absorbing negativity and cutting emotional cords that block and inhibit us from moving on. Confidence, stability, and security resides in your presence when Obsidian takes away your need to earn it from the outside.


Due to its high vibration, Obsidian works well on its own. Set this mysterious stone near doorways, entries, and in high traffic areas of your home. Its power guards your home in places where doors open to the outside. Any negative energies brought into the home through the front door will not escape Obsidian’s magnetism. The greatest effect of this placement is that your home will not be weighed down by the negativity of the outside world. Your home is a sanctuary to feel safe and secure. Obsidian is also great near electronic devices to deflect messages and psychic attacks from news or articles that could cause stress.


Going out into the world can feel like hitting a thousand walls. Oftentimes, it is because we leave without setting our own boundaries. Before leaving for work, going out, or traveling, set aside a few minutes to gather yourself with Obsidian in hand. Sit in a comfortable place and keep Obsidian close to your lap near the root chakra. Let go of everything on your mental to do list. Be present in the now by focusing on how you feel. Ask yourself what kind of day you’d like to have and feel into that dream. Connect with the emotion before the world defines your emotions for you. This is the kind energy Obsidian builds around your aura. 


Black Obsidian has the ability to recharge other crystals! Akin to Selenite’s cleansing power, Obsidian restores its crystal cohorts’ with Mother Earth connection. The dark roots of Obsidian’s power bring other crystals back to their origins and recharge their own properties.