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Rainbow Moonstone

Inner Peace - New Beginnings - Calm


I have the power to create change.


Chemical Formula

K(AlSi 3 O 8 )




Rainbow Moonstone helps us with new energy, going in new directions and providing protection as we travel a new path. It promotes a healthy optimism and can sustain one through dark times. Recommended for those who suffer from stress or who carry old emotional wounds. Emanating vitality and joy, Rainbow Moonstone brings the gifts on inner peace, emotional strength, and psychic protection. A bringer of Light, this stone helps us find our own inner light and shine for all to see without shame or fear.

Rainbow Moonstone echoes its namesake by fostering freedom, flow, and calm. This opalescent stone directs energies through each of the seven chakras clearing out blocks and generating positive flow. It’s divine power cultivates a sense of awareness that can reveal hidden insights and wisdom from the soul. Being in a state of soul connection allows you to reconnect to your intentions and start anew. Rainbow Moonstone transcends the past, bringing you into the newness of the present and all its potential. This stone truly is the whole package by soothing, cleansing, and enlightening your being for a fresh start.


Rainbow Moonstone is a close contact stone. It enhances your ability to simply let go instead of analyzing everything. During transitional times such as moving, break-ups, or job changes, keep Rainbow Moonstone on your person. It will feel cozy in your pocket as your aura heals itself of residual stress and anxiety. Keep this colorful stone close so that you can hold it when you need a reminder of presence and calm. Look into its opalescent vibrance, seeing the beauty of the world on its surface. This beauty can symbolize the potential for good in your life, too.


Restore your connection with life force energy via Rainbow Moonstone. This stone channels the cleansing element of water and connects to Cancer and Scorpio, both water signs. Through water, you can manifest Rainbow Moonstone’s power. If you have a tub, fill it with water and surround it with white or blue lit candles. Please be aware of the surface you set your candles on! Sprinkle eucalyptus, sage, or chamomile essential oil into the bath. Use any earthy smelling soaps or bubbles to reconnect with nature. Set Rainbow Moonstone next to you on a dry ledge to create a bond with it. If you don’t have a tub, going outside and setting your feet in a river, lake, or ocean while holding Rainbow Moonstone can have the same effect.

Did you know?

Rainbow Moonstone may have a fantastic look of its own, but it's of a familiar crystal family! This flashy variety is actually White Labradorite stone. The name was coined by the mineral communities to describe it from the rest of the many Labradorite varieties. Even the name, moonstone, is taken from another stone family known as Orthoclase.