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Black Moonstone

Divine Feminine - New Beginnings - Nurturing


I am fully attuned with my feelings and emotions. I trust my intuition.


Chemical Formula





During the first lunar phase, the moon hides in the dark from our tiny eyes. It seems as if she is eaten up whole by the darkness of the cosmos. However, the moon is always looming. Its disappearance cleanses the earth in a stillness and blankets it in a soft, protective cover. Like its namesake, Black Moonstone cloaks you in energetic protection. Bombarded by expectation, voices, and others’ negativity, we fall victim to emotional hijacking of sorts. To sustain our own sanity, Black Moonstone creates a boundary between what is ours and what is not. Opening the crown and third eye chakras, this mysterious beauty fosters a sense of empowerment to break us free from everyone else’s burdens. 

Black moonstone has a mystical energy that allows us to connect to the divine feminine. Its energy is incredibly soothing and gentle, and helps brings out our nurturing side, to ourselves as well as others. Black moonstone is connected to New Moon energy so it is a very powerful stone to use for any manifestations.


Black Moonstone shields its environment from negativity. Like the night sky swallows the new moon, this stone absorbs misplaced and disturbed energies. Set Black Moonstone near doorways to dispel a stranger's emotional baggage. We often hang onto coworkers and family members' energies because we care. But when we take their emotions as our own, we lower our soul needs on the hypothetical totem pole. Black Moonstone draws a line between our true emotions and the emotions we’ve adopted. Setting Black Moonstone bedside aids in deeper emotional stress and anxious dreams.


It goes without being said, Black Moonstone rituals are best held during the new moon. When the moon hides away, we can give ourselves a moment to reflect on our boundaries. Where have you let toxic people in? Where can you work on your wholeness? Black Moonstone serves as a symbol to remember our wholeness. We are a complete being without giving ourselves away to others. Set some intentions for your emotional boundaries with Black Moonstone under a new moon. (We recommend doing this on a clear night. Rain may cause damage to your stone if it gets wet). Speak them out loud holding Black Moonstone in hand. Envision a deep blue light surrounding your body. Know that Black Moonstone holds this auric shield around you no matter what. Find empowerment in this stone’s grounding effect.

Crystal Pairings

Selenite and Black Moonstone share a strong energetic bond. Both cleansing stones, these two amplify properties to clear heavy, negative energy in any space. Selenite also transforms Black Moonstone’s absorbed baggage and turns it into fresh new energy. In return, Black Moonstone clears emotional stress, fostering a greater mental clarity from Selenite. These two are a force when it comes to clarity and uplifting protection.