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Serenity - Grace - Purification


I am the embodiment of grace and beauty, meeting all of life’s challenges with my highest integrity.


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Lepidolite Energy

The lilac beauty of Lepidolite sweeps away the harshness of daily life. Much like Amethyst, this purple stone is a healer of the mind and body. Lepidolite releases worry and stress by aligning all seven chakras. Its soothing effect channels calmness through each center by releasing distracting, anxious thoughts. As a result, Lepidolite helps the body relax and unwind from emotional thought patterns that cause tension. 

Lepidolite is most helpful to those in extremely challenging life situations such as loss of a job or primary relationship. This stone provides the necessary grace to handle whatever life brings with the most integrity. Due to its high frequency, Lepidolite encourages us to see beauty in all there is around us.

Lepidolite Placement

Lepidolite brings divine light into the home. Rooms to the back of your abode or without windows can benefit from the high frequency of this stone. Especially in older homes, Lepidolite can lift spirits and add a touch of joy in any room. It is a quick fix to unfinished renovations and drab spaces with little light. Any stagnant energy in a room is dispelled by the steady, divine connection of Lepidolite. In office spaces, a cubicle can feel a bit more magical with Lepidolite sitting on your desk. Set this stone anywhere that it can be well seen such as a tall bookshelf, centered coffee table, or fireplace mantle. Its healing vibration can also dispel negative energy brought into the home unintentionally. Place Lepidolite near a doorway or the front door to knock out negativity after a long, hard day before it can settle in your sacred space.

Lepidolite Ritual

The healing properties of Lepidolite are great for anxiety, stress, and sensitivity of the senses. For daily use, wear Lepidolite in a breast pocket near the heart or around the neck close to the mind. For ritual purposes, Lepidolite pairs well with nature. The calming effects of water and trees enhance Lepidolite’s own properties. Set a few minutes aside for healing and sit in the grass or near a body of water (pond, lake, ocean) holding Lepidolite in your hand. Let nature be your focus during this time. Listen to the lapping waters, rustling leaves, and the breeze. Feel the wind curl around you as if you were invited to this spot. Connect with nature’s ease and the Lepidolite crystal will bring you into a state of pure content.

Anti-Anxiety Healing Properties

Lepidolite is also known as mica stone. The mineral Mica naturally contains lithium which is often found in anti-anxiety medicine. This makes Lepidolite the perfect stone for holistic healing without harming your health!

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Lepidolite is found naturally in a variety of colors, mainly purple and pink, but also gray, red and, rarely, yellow and colorless.

Lepidolite often forms intermixed with muscovite and other mica minerals as well as with other lithium bearing minerals such asspodumene, amblygonite, beryl, and tourmaline.

Pegmatite is composed of interlocking crystals of widely different sizes including lepidolite, quartz, alkali feldspar, muscovite and opaque minerals.

Pegmatites occur in all parts of the world and are most abundant in rocks of relatively great geologic age.