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Green Calcite

Relaxation - Meditation - Dreams


My body is relaxed. My mind is calm. My soul is at peace.


Chemical Formula





Step away from your thoughts and come back to your heart with Green Calcite. This lime green stone helps dissolve distractions, negative patterns, and stress. Makes one feel clear and relaxed during the stresses of daily life. Helps improve the quality of meditations by stilling the voice of the thinking mind. From this state of relaxation, all the things you believed needed attention no longer hold value. Anxiety, worry, and fear fall from your priorities when this calming stone is around.


1. Place in Bedroom or Living room to absorb stress & anxiety.

2. Keep in your wallet to draw Money and Abundance.

3. Use in your garden & in house plants to help plants grow strong and healthy.

4. Invite peaceful dreams by placing under your pillow or next to your bed.

5. In a living room or on a dining table, Green Calcite softens discussion and family meetings.


Meditation brings our unique frequency to align with nature’s perfect balance. In this practice, you can use Green Calcite to get closer to a divine harmony. The mind can find some respite while you dive into your guarded heart. Doubt, fear, and scrutiny take a back seat with Green Calcite. Find a quiet space outside with Green Calcite in hand or nearby. Dusk and dawn are optimal times, as they are peaks of the 24 hour cycle. However, any time will work. Imagine a green light shining out from your heart chakra. As you release worries with every exhale, imagine the light shining brighter, filling your body. Green Calcite reminds you that energy spent healing can transform into soul nourishment.

Crystal Pairings

Green Calcite works well paired with other heart chakra stones. Green and pink stones such as Rose Quartz, Serpentine, or Pink Chalcedony. However, an interesting energy forms when Green Calcite is paired with its neighboring chakra healer, Sunstone. Together, these two turn your attention to the heart and body. Not everything needs to be understood or calculated, Sunstone and Green Calcite bring you back to your experiencing life with enthusiasm.