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Balancing Energy - Strength - Confidence


I create balance and harmony within myself as I go forward with the
healing of my emotional body.


Chemical Formula





A seven chakra healer, Aragonite brings you stability, emotional healing, and balance. This blood orange crystal grounds all mental, emotional, and physical imbalance through the root chakra. Its energy is then channeled through the rest of the chakras for a complete healing of the auric body. Aragonite fosters emotional presence, allowing you to understand feelings that may arise from the subconscious. This effect can help you heal past wounds that surface today. Healing these wounds with Aragonite brings a sense of truth, authenticity, and empowerment.


Aragonite’s lovely rust orange glow fills a room with warmth and balance. Set Aragonite on a mantle, coffee table, or book shelf to imbue a room with comfort and healing energy. When Aragonite finds a stable place to live, it generates cozy security in the room it's in. It is a great addition to a living room where you gather friends and family for relaxing, joyful conversation. It can facilitate healing conversations between family members as well. Aragonite can also clear heavy energies from past misfortune. Each time you step into your living room, Aragonite dispels previous energy of difficult conversations or arguments.


A great crystal for beginners, Aragonite aids in balancing the entire chakra system. This effect aligns the body with the soul; allowing logic and intuition to work together. This spiritual balance can be channeled through daily meditation. Find a stable environment to meditate. We recommend quiet spaces with organized surroundings and comfortable seating. Even sitting outside on a peaceful day works with Aragonite’s earthy vibrations! No matter the setting, hold Aragonite in hand and start deep breathing. Envision its orange glow funneling through each part of your body with every inhale. Whatever is causing imbalance to your emotions or mind, let Aragonite’s glow wrap around those negative factors. Let its aura dissolve those in its light.


Aragonite is made of three different calcium carbonate minerals. Calcium makes up many different aspects of life on earth. Aragonite is often found in mollusks, coral, and cave mineral formations. The physical properties of Aragonite in sea life fosters its connection to earth energy and the ability to connect its user with nature and balance.