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Calming - Communication - Truth


I am aligned with my highest truth and speak it forth into the world.


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Amazonite brings peace and calm to the mind and heart. This turquoise-blue stone is also known as the peacemaker, bringing a soothing energy into the space it resides. Connecting the heart and throat chakra, Amazonite facilitates ease of honest communication. The heart strengthens relationships with open emotions while the throat channels ease for speaking truth. The ability to speak from the heart calms the nerves, relieving you of uncomfortable conversations and fear. When fear is dispelled, you can live more authentically. Adventure, new experiences, and harmony spring from Amazonite’s effects.


Busy, loud, and cramped spaces in your home can benefit from Amazonite’s calming energy. Set this aqua-colored stone in any room that needs a breath of fresh air. Like a rushing river, Amazonite is always moving energetically. The natural watery properties of Amazonite give any space a refreshing, cleansing aura. Place Amazonite in basement rooms or bathrooms to reintroduce an uplifting sense of peace. This stone is like a piece of vacation brought home. It can remind you of a quieter, peaceful time and neutralizes frantic energy in any room.


Amazonite has such an ease and accepting energy. This property works very well in times of transition and transformation. When you are struggling to come to terms with a fresh start or sudden change, Amazonite is there to carve a path for you. Using your voice can assist in your mantra ritual with this throat chakra stone. Hold Amazonite and take a few deep breaths. Let any chattering of the mind surface then fade away. Repeating mantras during meditation raises your vibration to match Amazonite’s energy. Repeat three times any statement that is clear, concise, and exudes a sense of peace. I am supported, I am in control of my destiny, or the divine will guides me. When you need a boost, simply say these statements over and over. Repeating words is known to reshape our mental process, and create positive change. This can aid in your new journey.


History of Amazonite can be traced back to the 10th century all over the world. Conquistadores wore Amazonite encrusted and inlaid jewelry. Ancient Egyptians used the alluring green-blue stone as amulets carved as scarabs. They also recorded the Judgment of Osiris, a religious story of the God of Death, into Amazonite rock tablets. Its name came from lore that the stone was found on the banks of the Amazon River, though it was proven not to exist there.