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Receptivity - Heart Communication - Joy


I am open to the gentle guidance of my heart, receiving fully the gifts of joy, kindness, and optimism.


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Kunzite is the channeler of divine love and joy. This lilac crystal is both a magnet and gateway for universal love to pour through and enter your life. When all types of love are welcomed in, kindness, gratitude, positivity, self-worth, and gentleness grow. Kunzite expands your heart chakra to make space for joy while replacing negativity. Alleviating negative feelings and thoughts, this purple powerhouse can give you clarity of perspective for situations that need some light. Where you once felt dread, you may feel gratitude. 

Kunzite stones are a direct connection to divine love which is manifesting at all times through all things. They are a constant reminder that we are always loved and never alone. These crystals are teachers of the importance of joy and celebration in life showing us the gracious inner child that lives in each of our hearts.

Kunzite facilitates a connection between one’s heart and Universal Love. This stone aids in the release of stress which improves overall health. Allows for intimate communication between the heart and mind encouraging openness to accepting the quiet urgings of the heart which will benefit your life and the world around you. Teaches the value of joy, celebration, and receptivity.


Similar to Clear Quartz, Kunzite can generate a lot of energy on its own. Find a stable spot to set Kunzite in your home. It will channel positivity into any room that needs some lightness and joy. Spaces with no windows or basements receive cleansing vibrations with Kunzite. Even in a bedroom, this abundant crystal can restore intimate relationships and your self-worth when you’re getting ready for the day.


Kunzite fosters ‘sacred space’ vibrations. Its loving energy can imbue a room with openness, calm, and gentleness. These charged spaces can aid in communication between significant others and family members. To restore your empathy, set Kunzite in a communal space. Start a practice of sharing with your loved ones daily. It can be a small gratitude or appreciation for them. This ritual will strengthen the love between everyone and allow for more difficult conversations to take place with understanding and grace.


Kunzite is a form of Spodumene found with Feldspar, Quartz, Muscovite, and Lepidolite. Due to its varied mineral composition, Kunzite can form into many different shades that distinguish each crystal from one another. Green and yellow Kunzite is also known as Hiddenite. Some white varieties are called White Spodumene even though it is the same crystal.