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Ambition - Energy - Action


I share my gifts with the world with both ease and grace. I have the power to create change.


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Carnelian embodies the fiery nature of our being; the passion, motivation, and desire we often stifle. This stone ignites the hearth of your soul, also known as the solar plexus, to create sparks of curiosity and ambition. It also opens the root chakra, backing up inspiration with the physical energy to pursue it. Beyond passions, Carnelian overall brings life force energy into the body. Any negative energy held within will be burned away to make space for the vitality of life to flow through. Carnelian is like the physical trainer of stones, giving you a boost and letting you know that you can do it.


Carnelian is a close contact stone and loves being held close to the physical body. Think of it this way, the closer you are to the fire, the warmer you feel. Carnelian functions the same, igniting the fire within as you get close. It is best to carry Carnelian in a pocket or bag when you need to connect with your body such as exercise or running around town. To connect with its creative spark, keep Carnelian close if you need motivation to finish a passion project or cook a new, beautiful meal. This jubilant stone finds its greatest strength when you tap into hands-on creativity.


New moon rituals hold a great space for Carnelian. Its igniting power symbolizes the ability to start anew at any time. On nights of a New Moon (if the sky is clear, the moon will appear to be completely dark), write down your intentions for the next month. Any desires, goals, or mantras that deal with creativity, new projects, or physical changes can be part of your list. Set Carnelian next to a non-flammable bowl. Read out loud the list, feel the power in your words, and set the pages on fire in the bowl. Carnelian will infuse into your ignited intentions and release them into new energy through the cleansing fire. (Please note, research appropriate materials to make sure your ritual is safe for you and any others involved.)


According to an archeological study from the University of Pennsylvania, Ancient Egyptians were found buried in tombs wearing Carnelian jewelry. Carnelian symbolized the Blood of Isis, goddess of protection. When entering the afterlife wearing this blood red stone, Egyptian royalty was protected from negative forces.


You can use Carnelian to cleanse other crystals. Place Carnelian with your crystals in a bag or set stones in a Carnelian bowl. Your crystals will be brought back to their true frequency overnight.


Carnelian is a fiery stone which offers those who utilize it a dramatic boost in energy. Those of us who suffer from things like a sedentary lifestyle, or a frequent feeling of lethargy can greatly benefit from this orange gem. If you find it difficult to get a lively start to your day, try to wear Carnelian in the form of a bracelet or a necklace. Due to its vibrant nature, Carnelian’s healing properties assist those who keep it close by reigniting their passion for life! If you’re overcome by apathy, you can meditate with a Carnelian stone close to your Sacral Chakra to light the fire of ambition in your belly. Essentially anyone who is feeling low, down or out should reach for their Carnelian crystal when they want to feel ready to kick it up a notch. However, if you are prone to hyperactivity or you are surrounded by hectic energy, Carnelian may not be the right variety of Chalcedony for you. For anyone in need of a calming or quelling of erratic energies, Blue Chalcedony would be more appropriate. Blazing like a reddish-orange sunset stone, the fire of Carnelian is best suited for those finding it difficult to roll out of bed in the morning. Carnelian is a perfect daily workout companion, whether worn as beads on a bracelet or tucked carefully into a yoga pant’s pocket, it will make you want to stick to the program and walk that extra mile! If you’re needing to rediscover your love for work or previous passions, keeping this quintessential invigorating crystal on your desk or sacred-space will renew your interest. Additionally as a Sacral and Root Chakra stone, Carnelian is perfect to add spice into a romantic relationship gone stale! Give it as a gift to your partner, or bring it with you on intimate occasions to help sparks fly.

Carnelian has a huge historical significance, it was used both practically and documented in well known religious texts. Though most minerals are ancient, few can boast the legacy that Carnelian claims with ease. Carnelian gemstones date back beyond 4500 years ago, being used in Ancient Egypt alongside Lapis Lazuli as ornamentation for powerful rulers and spiritual leaders respectively. The Ancient Greeks also favored Carnelian for a pragmatic use: being easy to carve made it the perfect option in signet rings. Singnet rings would often utilize this orange or brown stone, carved into an intricate negative design, so they left an impression on wax sealed letters. This particular factoid leads into a common part of the Carnelian symbolism- it leaves an impression upon us, like our energy itself is red hot wax. The legacy of this gemstone is larger than just Egypt and Greece, religious texts such as the Bible and Torah include Carnelian as well. It’s signified as one of the 12 gemstones on Aaron’s breastplate, in order it is the first stone in the first row: representing one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Some scholars have ventured to say this breastplate could be considered the birthplace of birthstones! Though Carnelian itself is not a birthstone, its sibling Sardonyx is an August birthstone which bears some resemblance. In much more recent history, Carnelian became a staple in Victorian Era jewelry. More refined carving styles became prevalent in this time of great human advancement, and artisans sold the bright red gemstone in the form of cameos! These graceful side portraits of women were a wonderful statement of a lady’s high status. It can be no coincidence that these Carnelian pendants were often given as gifts from a beloved, or used to increase allure while courting. Though there wasn’t as thorough or accessible documentation on the metaphysical properties of crystals in the past, they still managed to work their magic in everyday life throughout history!

*Crystal healing should always be used as an accompaniment to the physical healing process, and it should never be used as a suitable replacement for traditional medical care.* Carnelian’s metaphysical properties are incredibly pertinent to the physical body. An orange gem known as one of the staple Sacral Chakra stones: Carnelian is known to be a reliable aid for reducing menstrual pains along with increasing fertility and vigor. Carnelian of all shades and colors is able to stimulate blood flow, increasing the regeneration of organ tissues inside of those who practice crystal healing with it. Those of us who suffer from lower back pains around the realm of the Sacral and Root Chakras have often noticed relief when using a Carnelian to help reduce the tension in that area. Keeping Carnelian close to your body is said to increase your flexibility by loosening your joints and ligaments, making it a wonderful companion on gym days. Not just that, the boost of passion and energy that these fiery gems provide will also put you in a good mental space for betterment through exercise. Carnelian is a beacon of courage; if you’re trying something adventurous and new like long distance biking or skiing, bring a bit of Carnelian with you! It will not only help you feel comfortable blazing a new path mentally, but also help to keep you limber and agile during these activities while you’re starting out. Just like ancient soldiers who adorned Carnelian into battle, modern people can face everyday challenges with the support of these fiery gems!

Carnelian is a part of the variety of crystals known as Chalcedony. Chalcedony offers an incredibly large family: Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Onyx, and all of the members of the incredible Agate category. Crystal connoisseurs may be able to recognize the similarities between all of the members of the Chalcedony family. Blue Lace Agate has incredible banding patterns that are extremely reminiscent of some of the banding Carnelian has, just in a lovely light blue instead of a bright red and orange! In terms of a family tree, crystals like Crazy Lace Agate or Moss Agate might be considered cousins, bearing little resemblance to the red hot mineral Carnelian. However, there are some members of this family that are more like siblings, often being differentiated from Carnelian simply because they’re a little darker. Let’s think of Carnelian, Sard, and Red Sardonyx as being close siblings! The difference between these stones is not a huge, but rather a way to further categorize them for their notable attributes. Sardonyx is a traditionally red or dark orange variety of banded onyx. It’s name is actually a very simple combination of the two minerals it’s composed of: layers of Sard and Onyx. It’s more opaque than Carnelian, and may include intricate bands of Black, Brown, Red, Orange and White in the traditional variety of Sardonyx. Sard can be found independent of Sardonyx, as is the Brown to Red variety of Chalcedony. Like a Blue Chalcedony, Sard may be partially transparent, but it typically lacks any banding. Leaving Sard to be simply classified by its traditional dark brown coloration that is gained from iron oxide being present as it grew. In fact, Sard and Carnelian may be closer to twins! A Carnelian that might be thought to be too dark in color is often labeled as Sard, which is why almost all Carnelian on the market is so brightly colored. Carnelian’s vibrant oranges and reds offer a stark contrast to most of its family members, making it the irreplaceable Sacral stone we know and love!